10 Extreme Crazy Twin Turbo Cars

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This video features 10 Extreme Crazy Twin Turbo Cars . If you wanna know which are 10 Extreme Crazy Twin Turbo Cars watch this video and if you like the video hit the like button.

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Mohd Hafidu says:

This is call extream? Normal i think

Mehmet Gurcanlar says:

Very very bad video..

Legend Kishore says:

The ting goes stutututtutututu

JD Gamer says:

os gol turbo aqui do brasil tem mais ronco

Gert van de Weerdhof says:

American people you won,t take serious

koussaila jajo says:

I'm gonna CRY I didn't hear TSUSUTUTUTUTUTUUUUUU :'(

Von Sterner says:

is that ls3 mx-7 for real? see how fast those pipes got red hot? crazy. that thing has to overheat.

Iwan Setiawan says:

Kapan ane punya yg begitu………

megat says:

5:06 extreme maniac

Boucar bob says:

la technologie pure et dure nouvelle génération

Scott Barshinger says:

Where is the extreme crazy one's at?

T. Mizzle says:

That Boxer was not TT'd. FAIL.

Kadir Oyunda says:

2:34 wtf? ?spped

Blake Zegarsky says:

rotary is junk ls only way to go

CanadianCarlos says:

1500hp and awd and it only ran 10's?

Steve.K says:

theres no 2300 ps car, not even 1600ps or is hp less than ps?

Big 'ol Booty Cheeks says:

the title is VERY misleading. the extreme and crazy part isn't really needed. lol and that v8 rx7 needs to go, asap. LS corvette all day, or rotary rx7 all day. never a v8 in a 7 though… blah

Akhigbe Collins says:

l can do it

MeBoosta says:

Sub for street racing and 400hp Gt Turbo Starlet build all coming in next few weeks!!

Skanda .S.Kumar says:

bro nissan gtr also has twin turbo

surf403 says:

These dipshits standing between the door of the car while doing dynos are just asking to die! Straps break and cables give way. wake up morons.

Tre Smith says:

That S7 killed all

Jeremy says:

I hate when people put an LS in a rx7

Endy says:


Angello Ridley says:

I like how you copy Nike 1600s intro video. real professional

Noe Valdez says:

Sucks I can only give this video one Dislike 🙁

Jan Bob says:

i love the tractor 2:40 😀

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