EXTREME Full Auto BOWLING!!! at Spray & Pray in Sebring FL

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Full Auto Extreme Bowling and Spray and Pray Guns and Ammo in Sebring FL. Bowling trick shots are becoming a thing. Shooting bowling pins is on the rise at local ranges.

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Sebring Florida Spray and pray Extreme Bowling Bowling trick shots


Michael Madden says:

I want to go bowling with you!

r1234233 says:

That intro made my day 🙂

joseph kirby says:

I'm sure you have addressed this before & been questioned. I find it strange you long gun left handed & sidearm, right handed. Are you ambidextrous?

Rod Muirhead says:

What mount and scope is on the pistol?

Metaldogs says:

i love u AGC 😉 #KAG2020 #2A

Dave Brown says:

You gonna join Yankee Marshall against the 1639?

Joe V says:

Dust cover haha love it

dee Fisher says:

best sport ever.

ray rose says:

good to see a woman handle her self..godbless..

Blue hollar says:

instead of a "dust cover" u could just take off the tee lol

Samsquanch Smol Bean says:

Dammmmn girrrl were you born in Texas, cause that was some mighty fine shootin.

RoninTXBR549 says:

Great shooting! You should rewatch some of your first shooting videos and see how much more command you've developed and how much more safety conscious you've become… Keep up the good work!

Steven Wolf says:

1:33 I am surprised that range allows you to turn around with a firearm!

tom martinez says:

I loved the way Crystal laughed about Shird's attempt at being cool!

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