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Hope you enjoyed the video! Let me know if your a 3rd person fan! And like these style of videos! What was your Favorite gun you saw in the video?

Thanks to @_callsign_joker for recording some of the clips for me! Give him a follow on his Instagram and Youtube!

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Nobuo Nakano says:

Could you advise me the gun at 3:51?

chunkNsloth says:

Did this guy at 4:05 get hit?? I'm pretty sure you can see the tracer hit him on the chest.

Ivcid. says:

Hey No full auto in buildings

maniak Balap says:

what is bb lighting/glow in the dark?

Victor BoYY says:

Pq as BBs estão saindo com luz ?

xcm mtr says:

What bullets?

HughGrekshin88 says:

You dont have to be gay to be a fag, but you're a fag if you airsoft

Hardcore Henry says:

2:41 what gun is this?

Gonçalo Soares says:

Wow this is boring

Broken Throttle says:

May I ask how to get those bbs and what else I need to make them glow. Sorry for the stupid question.

Rog Whiteside says:

Dope video guys!

robert kennion says:

4:55 the reason speedsofters look/sound/act like douches

CouscousKingpin says:

Just remember me from 20k when you get big alright.

blakeslide says:

Feels like im watching some sort of piantball/speed ball competition rather than proper airsoft

Johnisgood Johnisgreat says:

I miss your EMG Sai, Wombat, and OCAW where did those go? 🙁 But your HPA MP7 is sweet though don't get me wrong

yusheng lin says:

Who can tell me, why the bullet are shine

Scout Master DongBag says:

What’s that sight in the thumbnail

ElDinko says:

is it just me or does it look like all of their tracers barely work

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