Optic 4 COB LED Autoflower Harvest – Glueberry OG, Auto Extreme & Auto Blue Dream – 2 Phase Harvest

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Day#100 of the Optic 4 Light Mover Grow Series
– 420 Total Watts
– 6 Autoflowers


Harvested Already
#1 Auto Blue Dream – Coco Smart Pot
#2 Auto Extreme – Coco Smart Pot
#3 Auto Glueberry OG – DWC

To be Harvested within next 2 weeks.
#4 Auto Glueberry OG – Coco Smart Pot
#5 Auto Colorado Cookies – Coco Smart Pot
#6 Auto Blue Dream – DWC


Optic 4 3000k & 5000k COBs (My Light)



heartbeatearth says:

I'm really liking the results from the Optic 4, very nice. I believe you have helped me make a decision on my light source, results and price point works for me. Thank You, love the vids.

nick tha don says:

Looks good I like to run mine a lil longer to get that real head stoney high

Valorie Holmes says:

WOW nice grow looks awesome

Rob G says:

Thanks for everything

Nole Gang says:

wow those thangs is fattttttt

Kushi Monsta says:

Yass!! Optic 4 Harvest! Perfect for Saturday Morning wake-n-bake 😀

Krusty Old smoker says:

Them gloves look like you're working in a nuclear reactor hehehe I can't hardly believe them are Autos those I never had no darn luck growing autos at all lucky to get a 6in stem with two leaves on it hehe he

UK grow master T.H.C says:

How u doing ma friend. .looking superb ma friend. .looking good..keeeeeep it greeeeeen peace from Glasgow Scotland uk. .merrrry xmas ma friend

Franz Lanning says:

Man bro those buds formed up perfectly. That's the one set of pics I wish I would have got, with them all stripped down before chop. Once again great job maxing out that OPTIC4!

Young Gro GT says:

Ok str8 bud

Tee Jay says:

What's ur amber ratio…?

big chew says:

Not much auto teachers so cheers bro u deserve it.

Larry Brown says:

Very, very nice harvest bro. Was great to watch them ladies mature.

Will Martins says:

Hats off bro ,wow!

Scuzzy Moto says:

choice, pretty good set up

Dope Den Seeds Est. 2017 says:

The Buds look weighty and fire. you killed it on the Optic 4 light mover run

Bloom Bloom Room says:

Some big fat glueberry nugs. Extreme looked nice and frosty too.


Killer buds! I'm stoked too try optic leds soon with some autos

Black Weed says:

Auto extreme bull that look like some fire

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