b16a 0-105 semi launch

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jdm b16a (SIR) gen 2 private label racing 4-1 header, testpipe and mid pipe with resonator. no exhaust after that. light weight flywheel and running on 175/70/13’s


Twisted_717 says:

check out my new 0-105 vid. just rebuilt my motor and put my full exhaust on. its a dash shot

Twisted_717 says:

wow thanx dude i really appreciate it! yeah i power shifted 3rd here lol id figure in a heavier car it would be worse lol i cant wait to find me a b16 or gsr trans though, its gonna be a night and day diference 😀 thanx alot though best sounding b16 is a crazy good comment lol

TaffetaEJ6 says:

Sounds really good…possibly the best best sounding b16 w ls trans on youtube. Car is light enough it doesnt have that lag sound in between shifts. Mine sounded decent but was in a ej6 coupe lol.

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