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Dropping Skunk 2 Stage 1 camshafts into the recently swapped B16A EJ6 civic hatch.


Ron Crittenden says:

What brand and viscosity oils do you guys use in you vehicles???

francisco solorzano says:

how many pounds for the cam gears when tightening?

jayaskoo says:

IS this with stock valve springs?

Brennen Breen says:

why do u guys run air boxs

David Munoz says:

The white civic in the intro used to be the B20/vtec swapped civic?

Robert Keeton says:

I want a B16 or B18C1 so bad. I have a boosted B18B1 in my EK coupe and I wouldn't even mind doing a LSV if I could get a good price on a VTEC head. I have 2 kids and a mortgage and times are tough in the oilfield so I have to take what I can get…anyone feel like donating a VTEC head? lol

Chad Jones says:

I gotta question I have a 1994 Honda prelude Si 5speed I wanna know will my engine and transmission go right in a 1997 Honda prelude it was a 5speed but the ppl are selling the shell ??

Robert Keeton says:

Oh Lord, I hate torqueing down camshaft cap bolts. I've had the bolts snap off before and it always scares me. I'm in the middle of replacing my B series valve stem seals right now because every time I hit boost and let off I get a small puff of smoke.

Green Fingers says:

damn I need Honda techs like y'all in north central Florida..

Pappu Dass. 096569087041 says:

Pappu dass

James Cooper says:

Thing is a beast man. love it!

Jonathan Ward says:

more videos

Dylan Kemplin says:

dude you alls work is on point . from how it looks to how it hooks . xD

Sam Fisher says:

damn, that 2nd gear pull looks impressive

MrKingzap says:

i wonder how those stage one cams be in a gsr

TheMoparman94 says:

what band is the intro music?

prrreea says:

me alegraron el día

Lino Acuna says:

how much power did those cams give u bro

Eugenio Capielo says:

could you guys do a vtec set up video? lsvtec.

Erik D says:

how much did you guys pay for them?

uros kocjancic says:

love the video, what are those wheels called on the red ek

Eg Yerr says:

Dope as videos

MORENO 503 says:

you guys are good,!! can you swap the engine on my crx

Kevin Orellana says:

you guys rock! keep it coming!! I like the Corona luv while doing the burn out LMFAO!

nimai mederos says:

i love what you guys do!!! any chance you guys would be interested in having a subscriber like my self bring an ek sedan to work on for the show? i love my Honda and have a nice car crew were i live i just wish i had the knowledge that you guys have!

Freddy Rosario says:

if you rev it slowly when the vtec hits it will be do brrrrrrr.

Earnest Bunbury says:

See, we all know 1 lug nut is enough…

2strokeFORever says:

nice. obx twin loop?

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