Civic VTi B16a Turbo 0-240kmh 7.5psi-248whp

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Civic VTi B16a turbocharged @ 7.5psi (0.5bar) with Stock block Internals, Skunk2 Valve Train, Check Engine as Shift Light and using Yokohama Advan A048r 195/55/15 tires


lukes 2777 says:

5.9 sec really

Techtron23 says:

Why did it start whining after 160 kph??

Cody Lindahl says:

Im going to be doing the same thing to mine but isnt it a little unsafe for the valves revving to 9000 like that? I mean ive got the 170 hp stock SIR2 as well but i think 8200 is where its safe on a stock valve train

dembel07 says:

How much compression ratio?

Suchtimann says:

there tires are not meant to be on this car … your dash cant be right ;)

holly macmolly says:

mine can peel the tires at 2k rpm you need to pop at 5k, no torque 

Bl4cKCuBE says:

Good start

ruel fullerton says:

nice ride man putting down some good power  as well, i have turbocharged D15B, 10psi crome tuned to 220whp-165 torque, stock internals…..runs well too, i tell you these little engines can do wonders bro.

William Stewart says:

I hope you have some valvetrain work done.

TourdeFrance20131 says:

When you are at 210lm/h I am at 200 km/h. Astra coupe turbo.

Not tuned

samcrashfull says:

0:23– V-TEC just kicked in yo!

nick billy says:

Well what ever your doing is working, can't get hp numbers right or spelling lol

nick billy says:

If that was 240whp you would be spinning the tires off lol, this is like 140 whp lol

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