Honda Civic B16A 9500rpm…

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szybkie b16a 🙂 9500rpm VTEC


king kong says:

Smackimdaface, your comment is totally gay man, grow up you dumb cunt, haa nobody gives a fuck if your gold digging gf takes your money, i would love to knock your teeth out you stuck up pice of shit

turbojohnyS says:

It's just a part of economic efficiency to put less inkt on the tacho 😉

F4izzle says:

@ smakintheface your a tool.

Tyskie2906 says:

tez chce miec b16a 😀 moje d16z6 jedzie ale to juz lata:)

Razeiken says:

That sounds pretty good. (The crossover mainly) What mods are you running?

Shombie Dixon says:

love that Vtech sound

voomaldor says:

You can hear 9500 is too much.

Smackindaface says:

If you put 8 grand into any car it can do that dumbshit

da1stegr says:

Good for you. No b16 here anymore, b18c now. I really don't care if you are faster or I'm faster, I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself and only I know what I'm capable of. If having a mustang is what makes you happy then good for you, that is one of my favorite cars by the way. I just make the best of what I have.

Smackindaface says:

lol I don't work at mc donads so I don't have to worry about that, And actually I do have a car, a 1988 Mustang GT 302 H.O. pushing 300hp that would shit all over your little b16, and Guess what? I have my own apartment, buy grocery's, pay my gf's car insurance and car payment and still can afford to drive a v8.

Joshua Osborn says:

got tach and speedo mixed up lol it happens, it happened at a wrong time lol

Jeff Erdman says:

that was slow even for a kmph speedo lolololololol

Young Jdm says:

danm take it easy on that engine! if anything get ur vtec kick in at a lower rpm haha

Joshua Osborn says:

I get that, lol this was 9 months ago…

da1stegr says:

I'm more grown up than you think dip-shit that's why I own a honda so I can save on gas and maintnance , Now who is thinking with their head and the other with their mouth. hint, hint dumbass lol. Now go spend your money on a v8 or whatever is you have (if you even have a car) and be financially strapped for ever. In the real world people try to save money when they have responsibilities not go all crazy spending like their is no tommorrow.

Smackindaface says:

850k miles? Your a dumb fuck seriously. Just wait till you grow up and have a nice car and realize how ignorant your where about your piece of shit honda.

Young Jdm says:

OUCH sounds like its straining

uther56 says:

that sounds good

mershbythelbs says:

why is your cruise control light on?

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