honda civic del sol b16a vtec gopro ridealong

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put the gopro in the sol.. tried to get some good vtec crossovers and a 2nd through 4th gear pull – bored more or less lol enjoy comment and subscribe and please leave video requests and check my few other uploads thanks every1

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Daniel says:

Bruh the way you drive is so sickkk

Zack Berube says:

Should get a short shifter in that thing.

GOrDoN ReMseY says:

0:36 bruh how do you drive like that????

Mary Gamino says:

He has his hand on the steering wheel like that because he is most likely left-handed ! Is this car for sale ? if so, what is the mileage of the car ?

GTX230rr says:

low fuel…hmm ok… low temp and vtec hmm wtf man? ;/

iTz_DaNiiLo says:

I was expecting a more aggressive crossover for a b16a. Nice car tho buddy

B7 RS4 says:

Not sure holding the wheel like that is a good idea. If you have to react quickly to something, you will fail. Nice car though. I had a del sol VTi when I was 19 or so and I had a lot of fun with that car. 

03focussvt943 says:

Turn that shite music off, drive correctly, and take the stupid hood off, man. Guys like this are why I stopped hanging around the import crowd… They're embarrassing to the car world/scene.

collegesnareboy says:

dude you cant see shiz bro can you make another video where we can your clutching and shifting bro?

melpunine says:

drive like a girl

josh winn says:

You drive like such a cretin, left hand on the right side of the wheel, hood up and a screwface. My god I'd love to break your nose.

mramsey123 says:

single cam tec

Daniel Adams says:

$3k with 197k miles. Good deal?

AsianShizz says:

LSD tranny?

jdm jake says:

Targa top was amazing lol miss it but it was like 28 degrees this day haha

Carl Tomines says:

Damn, I miss my Del Sol. Nothing better than driving in the country top down…

jdm jake says:

I had a 99 procharged gt that dynoed 479 at the rear wheels on a conservative tune so u can take ur comment and shove it 🙂 thanks for the view hater 😉

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