My 1990 Honda CRX (Mini Edit) B16a

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Hey guys so heres the first video out with the Rexy and it was more of a test video for video quality and such since it was shot on my cell phone, next video will have more locations more angles and more actual driving so SLAP that like button for more and hope you enjoy the video for what it is! 🙂

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allard weerstra says:

ricer or tunner?

Pablo jimenez says:

you got an ig cuz thats a tight crx

Pablo jimenez says:

you got an ig cuz thats a tight crx

Jordan Brown says:

Rip crx 1991-2014

Nathangel Elliott says:

whats the engine

jhnlttl9072 2015 says:

r.i.p rex

Matt Robbins says:

NO JUST NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

billy grenier says:

crx so clean

asyraf arzeman says:

nice Bseries

Javierrap Javiergod says:

you and my brother should race

Ben Llewellyn says:

r.i.p crx

Jacob Lail says:

This thing was so sexy :(

jordan weems says:

like the music

Mr Fagdet says:

that fart can

NEPTUNE117 says:

looks nice. but i would hate to drive it everyday with that exhaust lol…

Kanin Sides says:

your a ricer

TehDom Road To 100 Subs says:

Ewwwwww Fucking Honda xD

Sylvia Griffin says:

yo slap put the Honda on the dyno… make a video of it

vale lolster says:

Nooooo fwd

Muhamed Ramadani says:

Is that turbo and how much HP

Purple Star says:

should of blurred out the plate….

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