My 1991 Civic LX Sedan Build – B16A

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Kevin Johnson says:

I love the fact you took time to rebuild the crx to a decent car.
I also like the sun fade on the sedan, I would never paint it.

I Love Cantelopes says:

All you did was talk about it and only showed less than a 10 sec clip of it on the road. You suck.

Alexander Jones says:

Nice rear door handles on the front. I did that on my 3rd CRX and ditched the locking rod.

Cibulance Mudd says:

Love your channel,so much information. Thanks.

Just an Average Joe says:

Very clean and simple, I love it!


Hi John been busy working on my sedan waiting for NGK parts to arrive starter in but need to temporarily pull back out to repair some issues with wire harness progress looking good so far ….but came across a helpful tip of some no start issues even if electrical seems OK ….and starter alternator batter relays check out to be good and grounds are good also ….well a switch called a starter inhibitor switch can be the reason and simple low cost solution…. Cost $30.78 on amazon its also named the clutch starter switch mounts just like a brake neutral switch on a bracket above the pedal arms I don't know if this is on other models but my 1990 civic sedan lx has this I believe my 91 hatchback crx and 86 crx had this but wow what a mystery to my madness wondering what was causing my no start no crank issue the nylon button bushings work well but installed JDM fender bolts instead seemed more secure than replacing it with another nylon bushing that can wear out or fall off easily with shoes rubbing it off by accident ….its an easy install and wow a major stress relief ….thanks to all your videos and advice to always retrace your steps helped me figure this out thank bro your advice was a life saver happy 4th of July 2018 to you and your family n friends bang bang bang bang Texas six shooters and fireworks shows please give a honorable hand salute to all out troops and fallen hero's including those of the 911 tragedy ..well seeyah back to my project my parts just arrived lol and good luck on the new home and the move

Spidy1982 says:

It's for sale on CRAIGSLIST

Blackhemicameron says:

Still have the stock steering wheel by chance ?

Bobby Delamar says:

Awesome build! I would love a video on auto to manual conversion. What do you need to get it done? My 89 CRX is automatic.

Johnny Chimpo says:

Always love me some EF sedan! OMG!

Paul Porter says:

Wow. This is believe it or not, my current dream car. Had a 91 crx si and loved it. But now with kids, this car suits my lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.

James Ly says:

Hey John. I’m also looking for the 90-91 EX knuckles. Do you know where I can source one? I’ve been going to the local junk yard, but no luck. Thanks. Enjoy your videos.

Randy SD says:

How much was yur steering wheel?

FUC A3 says:

2:10 that exhaust and that bumper


One other issue is I don't know the part number for the pcv oil breather located on the right top rear of the engine block just under the right side of the intake manifold mine needs to be replaced as well as all the hoses and pcv grommets pcv was replaced but the hose and breather hasn't because AutoZone O'Reilly advanced auto parts don't know if they carry the part unless they have a part number or accurate name for the part ….it's kinds black trianglish looking with I believe 3 bolts 10mm or 12mm not exactly sure


Thanks and I think my issue with the fuel pump is similar to the hatch back video the fuel pump sock might be the wrong one or positioned wrong so thank you thanks to your video and advice I'll be sure to check my complete fuel system and replace what's needed I also plan on dropping the tank to change the lines and auxiliary filter under the driver side rear hi bro thanks again

Christopher Zylstra says:

Hate to break it to you, but almost half the views on this vid are mine. lol. Anyway, I really look forward to seeing what you do with this sedan. I'm trying to model my own habits and approach to my new Honda hobby after your very patient, painstaking and purposeful ones. Alright, technically it's my 'renewed' Honda hobby, but in 2001 when I bought my 92 GSR I was too impatient, too willing to dive in without knowing enough about what I was getting myself into, and, basically, I never had a solid plan in place for whatever task I was starting and that poor car suffered more ignominious poking, prodding and general f*&$-uppery than a creation of its stature ought be permitted to endure. It is, like the Civic Si and Type R of similar vintage, an absolute revelation each and every time one gets behind the wheel. Frankly, the Volkswagen Golf GTI, both Marks l and ll, couldn't and can't hold a candle to their Japanese betters. Not then, not now. Speaking of now, by a recent twist of fate, I own another Astec Green Pearl Integra GSR, this time a '93. The feeling of having a second chance to be the Honda owner I really wanted and should have been runs deeper than I imagined it would. Running my hands over all of the same lines, but now as a much different, matured and experienced person very much puts the two eras of my life in stark relief of each other. It's a revelation, it really, really is.


Sure thing plan to take lots of photos and video


I am a big Honda Lover I have EG Coupe 1995, HatchBack EG 1995, HatchBack EK 2000, and after watching Your Video I really want to Buy One EF Sedan also but where do i get the Parts From?


Ps once back in California I'm gonna do the rear disc swap and other things I seen on your YouTube. To build a performance tuner commuter car lol Barstow California bound yeehaaw


New subscriber long time viewer and a really big fan of your YouTube and because at one point owned a 1985 hf crx a 1991 crx si USDM sir conversion a 1991 EF hatchback and currently own a 1990 lx D15b2 sedan it's a California car that has a performance blue printed balanced honed shave work done but now my har stumbles past 75mph or 3200rpm and seems like it's starving for fuel it has an airtex fuel pump and assembly in it but I'm puzzled watch your video and plan another replacement but any tips on things to check because I'm planning to go back to California from north carolina making a stop in Texas to visit family and worried that if I over look something this summer I'm doing a lot of rebuilding and was hoping you can suggest some diy repairs before making the trip

Christopher Zylstra says:

Always cool to geek out with GBH. Loved those sedans from day 1. I'd love a white anniversary model and drop some k power inside, might need some creative hood fabbing there, but for me this little four door would make the coolest k-swap. I dig other people's turbo rigs but for some reason I dont get into them personally. Old school turbos really dont suit my driving style very well, even the new turbos I find I'm still driving around them all the time, unless its got a modern paddle-shift box. Problem is, when it has paddles, I end up switching into auto at some point and never get particularly swayed into switching back. Enjoy your videos very much, very well done. Congratulations.

Zachary Yassir Gonzalez says:

Did you have problem with rust? Too picky to pick an ef sedan, might have problem with rust in the long run :/

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