My 1991 Civic Si ED7 | B16A | EF Hatchback

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Far from perfect, but perfect to me!

I haven’t made a video of this car in quite some time and wanted to update my channel with a newer video of my Si. I haven’t made any significant changes to it as I love the way it already is. I did add the wing and rear lip, and put my Enkei J Speeds on it for now, but I hope to have some new wheels for it soon that I can leave on for quite some time!

Tell me what you think!

Thanks for watching!!


copenhagen cowboy says:

just bought a 91 civic hatch back si and i fucking love it

Manuel Hernandez says:

I found one of these for 900$ and I love it. The only problem is that it doesn't run because it needs fuel injectors. would you recommend still purchasing it or is it a bad investment? I'm not too knowledgeable about cars which is why I'm asking haha anyways a respond is appreciated thank you.

Alfredo Robles says:

this… needs more views

Adam Altaf says:

Car loooks amazing man! What's the song btw?

Jss Manuel Ef9 says:

My twin man ❤️

Memo Lara says:

u in el paso?

hugo Rodrigues says:

bro i have a question about the chassis front bumper and that, my front bumper near the wheel on the passanger side, its not alligned with the rest of the car parts it sticks a bit for the inside like 2 fingers or so, what can i do?? i already dismounted it and mounted again but it was still same :, that is one of my questions and another one was how can i change transmission oil and if you advice me to do it? my car is the 1.4l dual carb version bro

Nathan Troncoso says:

what rims are those

Benton Krause says:

Nice camera work. Clean car dude, lucky you. Mine is in pieces ATM, but thanks for reminding me what I got.

CRXterminatesAll says:

How a Ef should look!!!

jakk chitpasong says:

Very clean ! What part of Iowa you from ?

XbenX0101 says:

I have the same car. Ive been feeling a font end vibration around 30-50mph so I changed both wheel bearings with quality japan replacements and the noise is still there…any ideas what it could be?

allmotorCRX says:

super clean!

SirMai O says:

Very nice and clean! Is that the original paint?

j. Beltran says:

iam a eg hatch guy but this ef hatch look clean bro?

Jessica Maggard says:

Wish my 91 Si was this clean. Can't find them like that here in Ohio.

Juan Reyes says:

how much did that swap cost you? and what's the specs also

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