Skunk2 MegaPower vs eBay Catback Exhaust – 1991 Civic Si B16A

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Garage Built Hondas says:

What do you think of the new "exhaust" setup?! Seems like I said the word exhaust way too much in this video. Lol

Brian Adams says:

what rims are those?

Angulo Luis tubero says:

U need a Skunk2 header with that skunk 2 exhaust bro pulls hard

maurice pudlo says:

Sounds just fine, but the can design leaves a ton to be desired on the skunk2, the crooked ebay rear section would bug me too.

Blackered 8215 says:

This is a little different than the video topic, but here is my question. Are these two Skunk2 parts compatible? Trying to do this for my 91 CRX and I'm getting very confused about sizing and everything.

Skunk2 MegaPower:

Skunk2 Alpha Header:

Em1 J says:

After watching this video a few months ago I went and bought the same exact muffler the next day! I absolutely love it one of the best sounding mufflers…great video and your car looks and sounds amazing!

yu mi be ach says:

The Rattle Snake skin would look cool for a steering wheel cover!!

Excel Garage says:

what would you recommend I do as of an LSD or welded diff, what would you recommend i go with and what company

John Snuh says:

Do you know which exhaust the first one was specifically?

Bearded_EM2 says:

Sounds good bro.

errol gasparini says:

Thats nice throwing big rocks at the snake i wonder if you like big boulder rock at ur head it shouldn't hurt ay

Alex Solis says:

does the skunk2 exhaust sound bad with a D15 or how different does it sound?

R34_Nationn says:

Do u know the name of the exhaust?

Password:CRX says:

i bought some toda headers with a 2.5” collector. my down pipe its also 2.5” BUT my exhaust piping is 2.25” will i have problem connecting them together? i hope somebody that knows sees this comment…

Spencer kogut says:

Soundss good good fasstt fasstt


eBay pipe sounds nice

White Pony Guy says:

I'm a V8 guy but I do really like Honda's!

muh euro says:

would you ever sell this EF? lmao

Eric Reyes says:

Mega power 60mm or mega power r 70mm or megapower RR 78mm?

119Guapo Sanchez says:

You going to help me GBH?

119Guapo Sanchez says:

Can anyone help me!! I have an 89 Ef hatch and I put a d16y5 with a z6 head what all do I need to get from obd0 to obd1???

VanishingImage says:

sounds so much better on the B16 then the K20 IMO. I have an 8th gen Si and love yours more than mine. I have the Megapower RR exhaust and Alpha Header

Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley says:

Nobody thinks you're cool for messing around with a rattlesnake especially throwing rocks at it you look like a dumbass and a loser to be honest I would have laughed if it bit you right in the ass lol.

Corentin Chanteux says:

Hello my friend !
What the specs of your rims ?


eBay exhaust sounds better

Nic Graham says:

Anyone know where I can get a 3 inch test pipe

Mike Honda Boy says:

Nice setup! I want have those older Honda Civic.

jaefrank 809 says:

The first exhaust looks and sounds better, I love the ef, da models just because that exhaust, they have a unique sound with the exhaust in that position and I think you should paint the hinges black and tuck in through the inside.

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