Skunk2 Pro-S2 Coilovers Install – 1991 Civic Si Build B16A

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Greg Hughey says:

I love how much you care. You obviously love your car, it shows brother. Keep the videos coming Jon.
P.s. Just grabbed a sweet black GBH decal, going on the CD5

Matthew Parham says:

Hey, jon love the vids. I just noticed that when showing how to adjust the height of the coilovers at the rear when looking through the view hole of the shock, the bottom of the threads are not visable (which is the skunk 2 maximum height setting). Ive purchased these myself and ive found that using the correct setup methods that the rear sits far to low in comparison to the front. I was interested in if you have kept the coils with the same setup and if you have had any issues as im thinking that I may need to have the threads not visable just so the car can be at a driveable height. Sorry for the long message and if you get the chance let me know some of your suggestions, thanks

Kyle Counter says:

where did you get those screws on the header bolts? looks so clean

Last Life says:

These coilovers have a small circular view hole on the casing to show the bare minimum max height to safely drive on. With mine set at there max height the rear is still very low with a one finger gap. I can adjust them higher but they will exceed S2's max height safety margin. The pre-load collar was not touched in adjusting the ride height. Did you experience this when dialing in your ride height?

Carlos says:

Hey Jon! How have the coilovers felt so far? I have a set of then right now on my car, but haven’t got the chance to really drive it. How do they feel?

Da 956 says:

I have a '90 Da integra and plan to daily it and do some autocross. Do you think these would be good?

that guy o yeah77 says:

I just installed the same coilovers in my 91 civic lx and was wondering if you could help. My fron passenger coilover at its its highest is only 22in from groun to top of wheel well and the others atre around 25 in. Also the same coilover seems not to take bumps well

Michael Mireku says:

How much lower could you go? I'm interested in this setup but my wheels are more for a stance setup and so I'd like to be quite low. Looking forward to a response!!

Souksanh Phoummavong says:

Yep I'm gonna get these for my del sol lol

-- says:

At 3:55, you can see the hole above the hologram is empty. According to the install instructions, the MAX height is when you can still see the inner sleeve within that hole. This puts the cars height lower than you're wanting, but just wanted to be sure you're aware the coils are not set up to manufacturer's spec and may be more prone to failure.

Stranger Danger says:

What website did you get them at? I'll pick some up this black Friday lol

Benjamin Larson says:

What is the best replacement Timing Belt for a B20 … OEM or ?

Gabriel Martinez says:

Went with these after all

krazytext says:

Are they stiff? I wanna get some that Are they good for daily and not too soft but not super stiff.

Anthony Del Rio says:

Do i smell a S2 sponsorship and Kraftwerks supercharger coming soon…??? Think i just might….

eric baynard says:

Are they fairly stiff? I was considering these for my crx that I’ll be taking to the drag strip occasionally

Jerome Perales says:

Hows the skunk2 suspension riddin?

Oscarx96 says:

willing to sell those tokicos?

manbearpig710 says:

manbearpig710Hey man can please do reviews on truhart camber kits and k tuned camber kits. I love skunk 2 parts but my next build I’m wanting to try out different full brand build. Truhart makes every chassis part besides inner and outer tie rods but k tuned does and they are spherical but they don’t have a lot of chassis parts. Both brands have coilivers and lca’s along with rear upper camber arms. Truhart makes toe arms but k tuned doesn’t. Also I know Mugen makes uca’s but not a hole lot else. I have money and willing to spend on quality aftermarket parts. Those are all obvious good brands but I need more information or if your Honda friends know anything about quality underground parts no one knows about. Also hard race stuff have a lot too but prices are cheaper on stuff so idk if good quality. But on a side note I’ve used skunk 2 parts and it’s always been hit and miss. Either they were reliable or gave out after a year of spirited driving nothing crazy. It sucks to see that one of the biggest Honda aftermarket companies is not consistent with there product but I could be wrong. Please respond with some information or do a video on quality high end camber kits. Thanks

RoundHouseSlap says:

awesome video… im debating these vs GC with koni yellow

akosiallen says:

i love how you keep your cars clean man, btw, how do measure ride height on coilovers accurately? i usually measures mine using tape from the lip of the rims to the lower part of the fender, i think by doin' that i dont mess with my measurement by the air on the tires. Is my way of measuring OK?

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