Skunk2 V2 Alpha Header Install – 1991 Civic Si B16A

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Ebay Honda says:

he said crapworks, LOL. Good video man!

Wade 1 says:

Man i wanna run a flex pipe on my car too but don’t want any leak.

Spencer's Garage says:

Exhaust looks great, defiantly the header I’d go with!

Tommy Kim says:

Exhaust placement looks a whole lot better now!

CJrekrap says:

You have awesome videos! And nice car!

xacoviex says:

wow! nice video! πŸ™‚ I got PLM headers on my B18c. 4-1 I think they are. But mines hangs very low to the ground. so I am scraping a lot :s
Jon, do you have a Facebook ? I can follow and could share my EF to you πŸ™‚ ?

bogdan135 says:

I want to see b16a vs b20 hatch comparo! Lap times or roll/dig would be nice since they are similar HP#

vinyl79 says:

I wish you would have went with an HKS exhaust ! 1 mm clearance is a joke man.. it will rub once you drive.. the engine moves !

Greg Hughey says:

I love all the SK2 Alpha. It looks sooooooo much better now!!

Gobiee says:

what kind of exhaust are you running sound good

Dani says:

Came in a little late this time but I'm gonna be here for the next. Notif Squad!

The_Caveman says:

Looking better every time Jon , Nice upgrade awesome work keep up the good work

Yer Vang says:

Great video. Any acceleration differences between the stock and skunk2 header?

pcostyle09 says:

Do you check for leaks after welding ?!

Wanza7 says:

Hahahahaha I know it was an accident but I cracked up at "crap… KRAFT werks"

Dash-n-Cars says:

That telescopic test pipe is pretty amazing. I don't think I'd seen one of those before, that'd work good on my wagon pipe I'm building. Great video as always Jon!

kracksmith4ejm1 says:

with the stock cut temp cross member in place being 1mm away, when testing it hard, won't it flex a bit there to cause markings?

Sergio Marron says:

Will you have any dyno numbers?

618 DA9Keefer says:

Yet another awesome video bro!! Hopefully chris sadowski got to meet up with you lol

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