10000 RPM B18C Swapped Civic !!!!!.MP4

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B18C Swapped Civic EG9 Acceleration


remie mujic says:

Still slowwww

EskoMörkö says:

Nice launch!

co xe says:

Vtec power check thus out 0:00

Gewel ✔ says:

Only 4 cylinders but sounds LOVELY!

Not_A_Ricer says:

Wow, that launch control! Also it sounds purely orgasmic at high revs.

xDerpOG says:

What a glorious sound!

Nick H says:

10k rpm. no use at all.. not enaugh power above 8k. waste of time and piston rings


fuuk you can hear the crank changing shape after you go above 9k…

S ZA says:

it's too slow in 1st gear they need have to 100 kmh 10,000 rpm

Driveway-built says:

What has been done to the engine

idkstupid123 says:

No power at past 8.5k

Nick Brimmer says:

fake. speed and rpm gauges look way off. and sounds wrong

James Reed says:

nice, street bikes make 10k- 12 rpm with no lag or turbo so it is possible to stroke out high rpm with a short stroke

4Joe20 says:

LOL at the guy saying these things lose power at 7000 I don't know what is wrong with your engine but almost all B series make peak power at 8000. My B16a basically stock with a tune made peak power at 8200 and only lost 10hp between there and 9000rpm. torque at that high is minimal. power is plentiful.
if you lose power at 7 check your valve springs and Cam and rings cause your losing something you shouldn't be

pawelad says:

this is engine, fuck turbo

moelid says:

Honda is the best when it comes to top end engines.
What other "production" engine can you drive to 10xxx rpm everyday and not break down !?
You can always work on traction. Not a problem.

Blah Blah says:

doesnt sound like 10k rpm

Adam Wolfe says:

The engine obviously pulled hard all the way threw redline lol if he actually had traction he'd be a lot faster

Chris McKinney says:

not bad, need to learn when to shift though. After a dyno session you'll figure out when you start losing power

Connor Waits says:

I feel kinda bad for it

Vanrocks99 says:

That's only about 9,500rmp

Max VTi says:

9000rpm, not 10 000…
And i have same acceleration with my b16… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANhEylEMwt0

Jason Meeks says:

Just curious, at what point did you stop making power Or did it make power throughout?

Cadillacs666 says:

Lots of noise little go. Thumbs down. And that was not tire spin

warren lasseter says:

Apparently half of y'all don't know to much about general engine mechanics. No turbo stock pistons stock head deminsions most I can tell was loud exhaust high octane gas and maybe MAYBE some larger cams. Typically Honda is know for very balanced engines unlike most 4cylinders but with any engine when u increase the cam size significantly your engine will "lope" hence the bigger lobes allowing more air in and exhaust gases out. Not really the case here just someone with a bigger wallet than I got cause that motor won't last with that much abuse.

Duvash_Killa_K says:

Revving the car to 10krpm had it's advantages if the engine can handle it , engine speed carries over into the next gear meaning : higher rpm and next gear will be in the ideal powerband , bigger cams only generate power in the higher rpm ! Cheers

Delight Galore says:

Cool how your b18 can rev to 10,000prm but, 0-100kph in like 6 seconds?

Ruben Teixeira says:

It's kinda pointless reving that engine until 10.000rpm. I mean, that car needs more power to be useful. You are just wasting that engine when the setup doesnt seems ready for you to go 10000. 

itsjussjerry says:

Why? It's clear that the engine struggles to make any power pass 9k. It's just extra wear and tear for no real gains

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