330hp B18c Type R Turbo Dyno (GoPro)

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One of my friend from sickline racing on the turbo quest trying to lay down some numbers… Compton Rob tuned at RACEFWD. B18c was completely stock on 91 pump gas, turbo was upgraded… Made 330 whp in 2014.


DaBest21101 says:

What bov is that??

Big_fred says:

Dam I have my turbo kit in my back yard waiting to turn my b18c ( gsr) how long did the car last with 330? I'm looking for 250-300 on a stock everything lol

Richie Rich says:

stock bottom end?

patrick bagasol says:

Is this motor fine to turbo? I thought it was bad to turbo high compression motors. I wanna turbo my completely bone stock 95 b18c type r motor and daily drive and for it to be reliable. Will the stock motor handle fine with a turbo?

dannyb20 vtec says:

nice video…i bet this setup would love to be ran on e85!! thumbs up…robs also a good cat, he tuned my b20 DA back in the day..im now going to church

Alex Ruiz says:

I got a type r in a hatch as well. It's at the dyno right now. We should chill someday and have some fun.

Matt Parker Stay Tuned says:

very very nice my man I too have a b18c in my crx si with a 60 trim turbo brother so I know how feel very fun b18c5 ftw

Skater dc2 says:

sounds nice asf. makes me want a type r

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