All Motor B18c Dyno

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Jamel Built B18c
Stock Bottom End(81mm)
Built Head
Buddyclub Spec 3 Cams

211HP 152TQ 9500 Redline 6300 Vtec



why are u pulling in third gear?  Not hating, just curious.

Arnold Aramburo says:

How did you get that much tq if the block is stock?

THEman4911 says:

Depends on how you choose to build it.

eunoscosmo13b says:

I em planning on doing a build on a ek B18C, with built bottom & head. What would they run down a 1/4 mile?

Ian Livingston says:

Is there anyway I can get some more info on this build? I'm looking to do an all motor setup too. Thanks.

Alex1Down5Up says:

yea ok, not a bone stock

Carlos Santana says:

Very nice ride

Christian reyes says:

Damn thats some high rpms

Lucas Burns says:

nice bro my b18c is making 197.5 hp bone stock has about 20k og miles on it from japan

Tong Yang says:

on race gas or e85?

stealthXtrunk says:

dope exhaust cutout spittin

6000pounds says:

Where can I buy the exhaust smoke mod at?

KRIL89 says:

I want to see this thing at the track my setup is pretty similar haha but not really but also a only a 1.8 B and using a OEM based bottom end

don moncho says:

wAS GOOD THE ONE who shot the video of this Ej1 Coupe have Kevin Call me Asap inbox me for the number Though

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