All Motor B18c Type R EK At The Races

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EK From Team Eastenddreamteam Destroying Cars At The Races


Santos Lopez says:

that white coupe was moving!!

luis luna says:

yeah its fast but that funking GTI is a heavy wheight its comon sense

Lance Lee says:

this footage was from two summers ago. SmokeyEk stay shittin on cars

theblackwallstreet23 says:

#EASTENDDREAMTEAM #toronto   thats my heap of a ek right there 

Brandon Ray says:

Fantastic story. You should repost it again!

François Guimond says:

500hp are you fucking kidding me?? vw at 22psi its like 280hp. almost 300hp. Noobsauce.

1904todafullest says:

500hp vw ? thats some seriouse lil car then i bet your car doesnt even hit the 500

That Car Guy says:

B16>b18c Why? The b16 is cheaper(by about 2 grand), it has a Pr3 head which is the same casting as an ITR head… Only difference is the ITR head is ported/polished a tad bit. With the money you save you could do that and more to a b16 head. Also with the extra money left over you could invest in more mods. Or you could go buy an LS block and turbo it for the price of B18c

Fernando J. Diaz Nin says:

b18c is a type r engine bro.. and a b16a is just a b16 😛 heheeh

francisco tocornal says:

wv was like 500 hp what a pice of crap

Julian G says:

@TheMykail…. The B18C is more powerful

spoontuner says:

Damn!! that white coupe at the end was fast!!

churchboy jdmface says:

Daaaammm vw was nothin that k24 was doin nothin

ithrashmotors says:

My honda shits vw

tommy facekicker says:

That thing is a BEAST!

tommy facekicker says:

What kinda numbers u putting down?

Faworyt91 says:

could we see the engine setup?

Dino121284 says:

The dub got

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