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Video of a session at SpeedSF track event at Laguna Seca, in car with me in my B18C Civic EK, trying to keep up with Jacek in his K24 Integra.


Bruno Manco says:

a b18c with a 4.9fd, or a b20 with a 4.7fd still has something to say against the kswaps. but i bet that k24 has a 4.3fd or 4.4fd. if it had a 4.7fd or a 5.1fd it would rocket away. and this is a user with a 90's ef civic with b16a and 4.9fd

Joel Dang says:

what's ur engine setup my good sir? if u don't mind me asking

Fricknghost says:

Great vids man found your channel from H-tech I am currently in the process of trying to set up my 96 civic coupe for track days, would love to shoot you a few questions sometime.

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