B18C Swapped EG Civic is the Pinnacle Golden Era Honda

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When Honda fans talk about “Golden Era Hondas” this is the car they are talking about. Come along as I learn why this Integra Type R powertrain swapped EG Honda Civic hatchback is the “best of” for the Honda brand. With a screaming B18C engine this Civic hatch is one of the best FWD cars I have ever driven.


Jake Stumph says:

Read the full review and check out the pretty pictures here, at Honda-tech.com: https://honda-tech.com/articles/integra-type-r-swapped-eg-civic/


Gear change u know?

GreasePanda says:

anyone know what shift knob that car has?

Hocuz77 says:

Wow how stereotypical with the Asian music background.

S K says:

You're welcome to drive my Eg when the project is done. K24 swapped 330+ whp, 220tq all motor, 18xx#. Setup for track driving. Probably be ready at gridlife 2019 in MI.

Welshy says:

Awesome video! I was smiling the whole time!

Tec 2000 says:

Dude said briide seat

Heads Up says:

You felt 20 years young driving that Civic 🙂

sycokid666 says:

You want to come drive mine ?, I got a 93 eg That I put a 97 b18c Type r in it .. or if you want to drive a real integra type r got one of those too 2000 all original ..

chad slagg says:

this is why I type r swap everything

Robby Delima says:

more videos like this would coo

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