civic b18c 290hp stroker BILLVTEC

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civic vti eg6 1992 / test road ”la plaine”
preparation billvtec
b18c stroker 1940cc all motor
cp piston 82mm x 92 mm crower crank
long lightweight rods custom
skunk2 ultra intake
ferrea valvtrain
racing head billvtec / 290cfm intake small port / cnc newen valve job / ferrea bronze valve guide
custom exhaust 2.75” with 2 inter / 1 silencer
hondata s300
949racing wheels 15×8
toyo r1r 225/45/15
ap racing 4 pistons front brake
integra r rear brake
integra sway bars


Slim says:

I dont care what your preference is but any true car guy will have respect for this..a tiny 1.8L 4 cylander is making 250whp..that is pretty fucking good in my opinion

calvin haney says:

What crankshaft rods and pistons ?


What fuel please answer

CowboyKiller315 says:

Now thats a cool car.

Pretty Sure says:

I need to change my pants now goddamnit!

1zzfeturbo Nurburgring says:

Que maquina maquinon mi celica es una puñetera basura echo de menos un Honda

the doctor says:

how about the fuel consumption? please

Man Gadget says:

Mr bill… how much will cost about motor complete?
What camshaft…use?

TripleJ says:

290bhp in a car that's barely 2000 lbs is nuts.

Jan Maj says:


TragestyX says:

That's a huge fucking shifter lmao

Matthew Scarpetta says:

did you have to flare your fenders to fit the 15×8 wheels? I have a 1988 Honda CRX Si and would like to fit 17×8 949 racing wheels! 🙂

Unliv3D says:

Thanks, this video really puts it into perspective for me. 300hp would be more than enough for my purposes lol.

Joe Doole says:

Nice build man, I bet it's a blast on the road course. I currently have a 12:1 82×89 B18C in my DC2 road race car and have been seriously considering increasing stroke. How does the new engine handle bearings and stuff? What I mean is, do you think you will have to rebuild every season? Ive always stayed with an OEM 89mm crank because like I said I do time attack and road course racing so the engine hangs at or near the limit for prolonged periods.

MISTA 808 says:

Just got a 91 EF Hatch and I want to drop a B18 or maybe do an LS Vtec swap.
I miss the days of flying down windy roads in a 91 Prelude SI I owned many years
ago… can't wait!

Calvin Haney says:

nice car and fast like it

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