CIVIC SWAP JDM B18C 210 HP @ 9,000 RPM

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probando mi civic con motor de un acura integra type R en el hwy, buen sonido del motor cuendo entra el vtec


TheDvjbazuka says:

The way i see that maybe he was climbing an hill or the spec says 210hp but lose 20% of compression …wtv

Rob Jr says:

For the money you could of turbod the d16y8 it had and made some real power,…..I'm sorry to see that you didnt, oh well

S a d b o y S e s h 2 O O 1 says:

you either lie about 210hp or you're not at full throttle

juan mendoza says:

slow af… my old B18 non vtec with 132hp does it better than this

張志強 says:


Corie Burk says:

Nowhere near 210. This accelerates more like a stock GSR, which isn't bad but it's definitely not 210HP, not even at the crank

Rodolfo Munoz says:

why does it seems so slow like its loosing power at 8700+………..

Dan Inturrisi says:

Yeah it doesn't seem like you're flooring it,my b16a is way faster

Mehmet Seymen says:

Benim d16a9 4.vites 200 yapıyor bu nasıl yapamıyor anlamıyorum.

Kirk Black says:

Fuck bro I have a b18c as well and it doesn't do tits like this!

Gio kat says:

vti engine and dead…

Nick H says:

my b16a2 goes even faster… weird

Daves Channel says:

I think I'm the only one counting the miles:)

cyclecrafttom says:

sounds like b16a2

Attila86 says:

it's not 210 hp…

AE86 of Mt. Akina says:

Lol it filled up with gas at the end

PCexpert120 says:

I'll be completely honest, I think my D series is almost this fast… and that is saying something. top of 2nd hits 60 and that seemed like it took you forever.

Erskin Hansen says:

Anyone else catch the gas dial dipping low o_O

Truespeed motorsports says:

i agree not 210 i go from 40mph-100mph in 10sec in a heavy ej

Jozef DaNos says:

This 170hp…haha not 210! idiot!

Tony D says:

B18C my ass

maidenfan85 says:

210 hp? I doubt that man. Or you weren't going full throttle but 210 hp in a civic ej chassis should go quicker then this.

Marcos Moreno says:

this shit is stupid slow

Honda Prelude says:

h22a woulda been a better swap.. or an H2B. btw 3k vtec cross over would be better, when you dont wanna burn through gas it will keep you at low rpms when shifting but that extra kick is easily available. just my 2cents.

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