GSR B18c TWM ITB First Start Up

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TWM ITB’s, swapped them in without have to modifying much of anything expect for the fuel lines. Each runner already had its own vaccum line that i used for the map sensor, temp sensor, brake booster and PVC.


bxman89 says:

I got a few questions can u help me??

Ricky Yang says:

can you daily drive with ITBs?

bxman89 says:

Hoping u can answer my questions. for that fuel line from rail to oem fuel filter what u use??? what's that ting on the end of the other side of fuel rail ????

kyle smith says:

should filter that

savagess25 says:

hey how did you get vacuum to your brake booster?

Jeffery Xiong says:

is your motor built or just stock

Moreno Loko says:

you can put covers over the itbs that act as filters and give the same air flow

Don Heston says:

Nice car but how do you keep dirt from getting into the engine

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