Honda Civic Coupe b18c Acceleration

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Something i’ve found on the internet again 😀
Enjoy this crazy Acceleration!


TacoMeat FijiWater says:

Whoever says its fake look when he goes into an underpass at 0:24 and rethink your statement please 🙂

ROAMER says:

VTEC kicked in, yo!

Awsomenot Clover says:

It's sad some ACTUALLY MAY THINK that this is a stock Honda fucking Civic and the VTec just kicked in

Александр Александров says:

Вонючий пиздеж от узкоглазо дрочеров, вживую ни разу не видел, чтоб ваши ведра ехали

Harry Lois says:

that's real vtec

Vince McMahon says:

0:02 Firebread xDDDDD

Jake Taylor says:

Deuce u have a fly on ur username LOL. I thought a fly was on my computer… HA

compaqtest10 kia says:

awesome honda civic turbo cool car wow

Berke Güzel_Revo says:

Bu araç meşhur Hulk ve motor K20 Turbo

Andrew Zhang says:

"no officer, i was doing less than zero"

Esgar Palomino says:

what engine do you have in it

901465nic says:

People who comment as fake don't know what there on about its real!!! VTEC + Boost = 🙂

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