Honda crx B18c Type R 7.8 psi

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gsxr life says:

What size turbo

Nitro ForTheWin says:

Where do you buy these at? Can't find it anywhere

hondaronnie1422 says:

it's actually a vortech

TheFANTA5757 says:

noo. it's a centrifugal supercharger. Procharger is a company

NEPTUNE117 says:

Procharger. Not supercharger.

tristan sepeda says:

hay bro what blow off valve is that man im curious

EG Osc says:

you people are stupid its pro-charged.

Brad Silveira says:

what blow off valve is that?

Talon Xato says:

that intercooler kit sounds hella sweet bro

jdm kid says:

please tell me what kind of turbo setup that is first time seeing a power steering pulley turbo

Adam Linney says:

Is that a kit supercharger I have been looking for one for mine… I have not seen one like that

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