Honda Diaries Season 2 Episode 1 – B18C Civic EG Project

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I’ve made a small start on the eg! hope you’re looking forward to see where i take this…

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UndergroundTrev says:

The tail lights in that S2K look awesome.
Good vid Adam! Good to see YOU wrenching on the Civics. LOL

LX says:

Got yiannimize for wrapping, but god knows what he charges. Worth contacting him on youtube/twitter/insta.

Virux says:

@6TWO1 Man I swear, what you should do is find some metal hardware to replace that plastic bullshit for the side skirts and tell me what you used or sell it. I just feel like using velcro.

Boosted B Series EK says:

Black with blue lens for sure…

Jon Webb says:

I would also really love an S80 gearbox if anyone is selling another one………..

riot68 says:

wraps suck, get of graff'd 😉

ED6DRE says:

So fucking excited you decided to call it Season 2!

Bassam Momen says:

Nice choice car, excuse me what is the color code of the blue civic please?

Kyle Anders says:

I have a s80 but it needs a refurb as the selector is stuck I think selling cheap though?

Sheraz Mahmood says:

how much are the black case denji

Ozan LB says:

dont need rear discs.

Claude Moses says:

Where do you get the black case headlights with blue lenses at?

St33zy Steve says:

Keep it blue, with those blue lca's blue lens denjis, and throw in that blue status seat, will look sick af.

Cj Mills says:

just buy a booster Pack?

Vas says:

you could have removed a decent battery out of another car to jump the honda again? lul

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