JDM DC2 Integra Type R B18C swap (96 Spec) DerfTuned 213whp/143wtq Idling

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Boring video of crx Idling, ENJOY




Victor Jimenez says:

What pistons and cams bro? Very nice rex!!!

J says:

how much did you get the ecu for just got a type r

Ronnie Ramirez says:

what's your set up to hit that number sir.

goons says:

What's the yellow zip tie for? Just curious lol

James Newton says:

that your old motor from hmotors still running. I heard they're legit

Ivan Navarrete says:

Is there a V-stack under that air filter?

Integra DIY says:

Clean crx man

16ValveVtec says:

+DoitFromADIG Hasport EFBHCL Lever Assembly, it basically converts your hydro trans to run a clutch cable, I love it.

DOitFromADIG says:

What cable to hydro kit are you running ?

Sarkin Makanda says:

this is good stuff! you made a wise choice in cam selection and didn't over cam it like most honda dudes do.

OMGodfrey says:

Yesss more vids!!! Crx still looking good!!

Garage Built Hondas says:

Is the napkin there to stop headlight rattle?! Lol

Garage Built Hondas says:

Not boring to me!!!

Austin Johnson says:

car is dope as fuck. just got my b16a with a gsr head and s1 tranny cant wait to get her rollin.

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