Ride Along: EJ1 B18C Type R Vtec Shredding HARD Backroads

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MrLeonaFTW says:

You should try having some humble for breakfast. It goes well with hondas

Braden Hancock says:

You call that ripping take a ride with me lol

angry slumerican says:

What in the actual fuck?

Malc180s says:

Hahahaha!! We're laughing so hard at his arm positions! What a wanker!! Ahhhh – he's joking.. I understand now. That whole eastern america thing is odd.

NoSaltGang says:

Man learn to drive holy fuck lmfao

Carlos Perez says:

I gave up after 10mins… he didnt shread shit

wolfpac550 says:

lol lol this dude cracks me up

Joe Jones says:

"let's make some noise for these people " haha I'm the same way man I'll drive slow and just let crossover hit and everyone just stares haha I have a c1 straight piped to a Apexi WS2 exhaust sounds aaaaaaamaaaaaazing lol

Ron Miller says:

say what you want about hondas but there engines are able to put up with alot of punishment.

doodbropoop says:

"Shredding HARD backroads" aka driving slightly faster than traffic on moderately busy city streets

Vincent Suen says:

pointless video… calling people moron for doing 30 on a 40 and in the same time your following them… doesn't make you much better… your not scared to "rip" it but then your scared to over take the slow drivers? and i'm sorry… your so call "rip" was kinda weak… really don't understand what your getting excited about…

Ty Infinite says:

dude fuck yeah, you can hit it a lil harder tho 😉

Japanese Imports says:

how did you get the rear view mirror out? I have the panel mirror on and my shakes.

Puma says:

phaggot ricer

Chris A says:

Great color commentary. I noticed people at stop lights leaving 20 car lengths between themselves and the car in front…wtf? I thought this stupidity was exclusive to my locale. But I see people are stupid everywhere. They unnecessarily fill up grids, block turn lanes. Just pointless. I've heard it's in case they're rear-ended?.do dummies have to just dummy-proof this world already full of dummies. And now apparently it's monkey see monkey do. Stop doing this you dummies!

OMGodfrey says:

Hahaha great commentary

An Ge says:

u never ripped your car man not double clutching

Shaun says:

I'm so glad I traded my honda for a subaru wrx. I don't have to convince myself that v-tech is fun when I can rip the roads and be thrown back in my seat with a turbo AWD for nearly the same money.

Jordan Guthrie says:

I know those back roads. I also have b18c ej1 and b16a ej1. Who are you?

ComplexCarlo says:

You drive and sound like the reason I sometimes hate owning a Honda. Looks like a nice car, wished you had more brains.

The Flash says:

São muitos espelhos pra um carro só ¬¬

Killuminati Warriors of truth says:

this is exactly why so many people hate on hondas lmao

Michal says:

lol watch him downshift into 1st gear lol epic

bruno alves says:

Anyone else thinking : shut up and gas that VTEC BITCH !?

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