Stock To 1200hp+ 54psi & 208mph | Honda B18C [TECH TALK]

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1.9L, 54psi, 1200hp+ and a Honda B18C, this is what it takes to hit 208mph in an Integra at Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack.

Starting with a 100% stock B18C1, Myles Kerr of English Racing’s ‘Gringotegra’ has had more than a slight tickle to get it to this level of performance including Wiseco pistons, steel CP Carrillo rods, Golden Eagle block sleeves with a 84.5mm bore bringing the capacity to 1.956L. The B18C1 also has ACL main/rod bearings, 4Piston Front Runner CNC head, GSC Power-Division retainers, valve springs and cams.

The car runs approx 54psi in 5th gear from a Precision 7675 Gen II, Extreme Turbo Systems 5” intercooler, a MoTeC M130 ECU and C127 dash which help control the M1 Methanol fuel via 8 x Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc injectors fed via 2 x Bosch 044 surge pumps and a Magnus Motorsports mechanical main pump. A Graf Gearboxes 5 speed dogbox transmission helps put power to the ground.

Other than the cars impressive performance and parts list, Andre and Myles discuss the importance of monitoring coolant pressure in relation to cylinder head sealing and also why the car runs RC batteries instead of more popular alternative methods, and how these are set up and perform over a weekend of ½ mile drag racing.

Want to learn how to tune a car like this? Start with a free, live EFI tuning lesson:

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High Performance Academy says:

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Edwin Garcia says:

Great interview!

SlickRickOne says:

This is just insane :)) Props to the owner.

Mateo Delgado says:

Can anyone explain to me why you wouldn't want the block to have a lower compression ratio than the 11:1 he is running? Trying to learn a little more.

misk one says:

"just the office guy" lol

Matthew Yang says:

this is the only car channel on youtube that makes the viewers more knowledgeable

Robert Beene says:

Lol he said it won’t run less than 30psi. I run peak 30psi fully built rotating assembly 9.8:1 weisco pistons on mustang dyno I made 470 to the wheel on 26psi

C Pinell says:

That got dang coolant pressure snipet feels like top secret info, I appreciate the wealth of knowledge this channel provides.

RCmen26 says:

He's probably got only 10k in this build too. I love Honda's.

kevin bailey says:

Great info,thx!!!!!

Socknetea says:

I know the power of stock cranks but the fact that this holds a stock type r crank pushing all that baffles me

Sean Kaine says:

@ GringoIntegra

Jay Dilla says:

Miles is the man

Cheapguitarguy says:

I saw his car a couple months ago at cars and coffee. It looks mean in person.

John Miller says:

Awesome to see how they can get these cars to hold so much power

Scooby blue says:

I remember when this car was mid 14s at PIR..

turbo samurai says:

Sweet teggy looks similar to zosh's think hes got 700hp

MrSkeeter1505 says:

English racing!! I want a death ride in the integra!!!! Pick me!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties says:

This integra has been a YouTube sensation

CreativeBoy100 says:

its fucking b-series as well… 30 year old engine…

IdealSound & Performance : Mobile says:

Lol the description says j35 in some places loll

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