The Build I Never Finished B18C Ek hatch (SAD STORY)

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The car I never finished 🙁 This was my first Honda, 96 dx hatch w/ a stock jdm B18c GSR. This car ment alot to me, I would really appreciate it if you give this video a like and feel free to leave a comment! Thanks!This was the longest car i have owned and I lost it last November to a car accident. I had very big plans for this car This car came with a B16 transmission that is now in Ryan’s B20B eg hatch. I lost this car but I have learned a lot and I am now back to building my integra! Subscribe and stay tuned for our builds! Thank you and check out the channel!

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Song: Blackalicious-Deception


Mumble says:

Seeing this makes me miss my old ef sedan. I sold it to get a full k20 swap the next owner ran into a wall with it

Ryboogie23 says:

kid in the chair is a queer ahahha

alexis aguayo says:

Dam! What a fuckery.. Sad to see it, glad your still good!

Jesse Lane says:

Glad you aint hurt bro

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