We bought a YELLOW DC2 Integra type R! + B18C VTECC!!!!!

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Today i went with my friend to pick up his yellow dc2 type r! after countless test drives we agreed on this car to purchase.

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carlosgj1308 says:

That’s a beautiful car colour I’m thinking to get either dc2 or dc5 type R but there isn’t many in Australia ☹️
I had type S but I sold it. It looks simple

Bradley says:

How to drive one of the best Vtec engines (B18c) like ladies.

Abi Muniz says:

He does not noe how to drive its a type r play with it sell it to me i show u how to drive a type R

Abi Muniz says:

He dont noe what he bought he gonna fuck it up

Jdm 2k says:

Cringe as fuck, gay boys

Graham M says:

Waiting for the vtec pull and he hits 7k on the pull …. should've hit the limiter …..

Trasin Sovansam says:

Yo I live in Australia too

Zaczarowany Świat says:


Tre Vor says:

i own a DC2R, they are nice cars but the main reason you buy them is for the handling and vtec through 50km/h zones lol. These guys are not enthusiasts, they are scared of the vtec. Honda owners are known for being obnoxious, adrenaline junkies that wake you up at 3am, lets keep it that way.

Mario Castillo-Azucar says:

Looking for a rear door?? WTF??

Jonathan O' Neill says:

That visheo ish shoo ghood. I realy lisk it, mashk more pleashe

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