He missed qualifying and stared the first race last finishing 4th. The second race he finished first after starting 4th. In the last race he got some stiff competition from car number 191 but ended up victorious. Mr Singh’s Car is a JDM b16a4 with a 1mm overbore for maintenance purposes so it’s reliable . Tuned by: https://www.facebook.com/kesterUST/ Fb: https://www.facebook.com/haymant.singh.3 Sponsored by: http://www.shipbluesky.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Matthew2730 The driver of the White EF Civic: https://www.facebook.com/saleem.deen.16 Tuned by: https://www.facebook.com/PEAK-Performance-Limited-289220397883602/ Photo credit to: Itz Zues photography:https://www.facebook.com/itzZeusPhoto…
put the gopro in the sol.. tried to get some good vtec crossovers and a 2nd through 4th gear pull – bored more or less lol enjoy comment and subscribe and please leave video requests and check my few other uploads thanks every1 Incoming search terms:enjoyfm7
ตัวอย่างของรถ ช่วงล่างดี อัดโค้งสนุก ๆ
Sound Clip of my CRX Si IG: @ed9_santi14 Engine Specs: Stock JDM B16a, 3″ short tan intake with V stack, DC 4-2-1 Header, 2.5″ Test pip into full (88-91 civic) Yonaka Exhaust modded to fit my CRX
B16A Motor Without exhaust manifold!
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94′ Civic Si w/JDM B16A POV work drive (GoPro HD Hero2) Incoming search terms:attemptvuuclay9a9
jdm b16a (SIR) gen 2 private label racing 4-1 header, testpipe and mid pipe with resonator. no exhaust after that. light weight flywheel and running on 175/70/13’s
My boosted b16a on 8lbs vs Brandons EVO X on e85 26-29psi peak boost Back to the drawing board for me again. lol damn dsm’s
Civic 2000 blue b18b….civic 2000 4 porte b16a
This is the Bosal catback exhaust for the EF Civic and CRX. It is meant to be an OEM replacement exhaust for a D-series motor. This exhaust is hooked up to a B16A. The exhaust does not come with the exhaust tip. It is nice and quiet while cruising, however I wish it had less rasp. *The car was fully warmed up during the filming of this clip, and jump cuts were used to save time.*
レストアしているグランドシビックEF9が自走可能になったので、ジムカーナ場にジムカーナをしに行きました。 当時ものSタイヤA048 フロント195/50R15 リア185/60R14 グランドシビック EF9 B16A VTEC マイチャンネル My Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MlKCHEY ツイッターTwiter https://twitter.com/Mikchey1 インスタグラム instagram https://www.instagram.com/mikchey/?hl=ja チャンネル登録&フォローお願いします。