dragrace @ clrak raceway with my teammate.
same idling issue, lol at backfires, only happens when i let off the throttle and then she makes farting noises. needa hook up my cat back. rev’d to 5000 rpm.
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This is my 2000 Honda Civic SiR with swapped JDM B16a with new XTR stg2 Cltuch and 9.75lb Lightweight flywheel installed. small pull 0-160
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Test B16A Stock For First Time 🙂 Stock Header + HKS Air Intake + 2′ stranless Pipe
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A quick amateur video of my Honda. Specs are: 1996 Honda EK4 SIR (JDM) Stock B16A Camera used: Nikon D5600 Dslr I dont own the music in this video please give credit to NCS (No copyright sounds & Alan walker. Alan Walker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM7SZ5SBzyY
In this clip me and the Cochina dog take apart the 97 GSR transmission with Wave-track LSD from the B16A engine on this plastic pallet. You may look at this dirty engine as if it is not much to behold, but this lil beast has killed more V8’s and K24’s than I could mention. In its present state it made 180 hp and 118 tq on a dyno jet in a 1998 4 door Honda civic EX. When built and with turbo, it should make a little over 350 hp easy. I will document this for you all.
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Jdm B16A stock cams & clutch S90 70mmTB( stock 58mm- TypeR62mm) Mugen Big Box airfilter 4-2-1 Manifold 2.5” Piping Toda Racing light Flywheel Rechipped Ecu Vtec 5500Rpm RevCut 9000Rpm O2 sensor & Knock Sensor Off
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Me taking my rebuilt b16 on a run 22 fwy
Engine: – Honda B16A from Japan – AEM intake – Skunk2 Pro Series manifold – Mugen valve cover – RC injectors – Mugen header – MSD sport compact ignition – Skunk2 fuel rail – Skunk2 throttle body – Odyssey compact battery – Mugen Gen 1 oil cap – Mugen Gen 1 radiator cap – JDM password hardware – Mugen exhaust system Driveline: – 5-speed manual transmission – Toda Racing Stage 2 clutch & flywheel Suspension: – Spoon Sports full strut coilovers – Polyurethane bushings all around – Function7 Type R spherical bearing lower control arms – Skunk2 Pro front & [More]
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