The car I never finished 🙁 This was my first Honda, 96 dx hatch w/ a stock jdm B18c GSR. This car ment alot to me, I would really appreciate it if you give this video a like and feel free to leave a comment! Thanks!This was the longest car i have owned and I lost it last November to a car accident. I had very big plans for this car This car came with a B16 transmission that is now in Ryan’s B20B eg hatch. I lost this car but I have learned a lot and I am now [More]
– B18c-R – Edelbrock Performer X – 66mm gasklep – Skunk2 mega power 4-2-2-1 – Boy Buijs 2,75″ catback – Spoon n1 demper Ectuned by van Drie Tuning
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Ledward cleans his skunk2 throttle body, this time by taking it out and giving it a deep clean. music by : Instagram : —– racing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing races racing drag racing dragrace dragracing street race track ÂŒ slicks skinnies strip highway cops police music burnout out turbo all motor nitrous 4bangersproduction Yosolo 4 cylinder Honda civic bubble hatch eg ek blow certified jerrybuilt hi boost aki ceaze run money run 4bangersproduction building motors blow up fire nitrous 45 top of nyc long island california team GPR real talk calico chris miller sheepey [More]
B18 Swap Parts List and guide – Project Civic is compiled to help anyone with a project civic “b18 swap” that they are looking to complete. I’m not drag racing, but I will say this thing rips due to being lightweight and Honda should have put the B18 swap into all honda civic hatchback of this era. Truly changes the whole character of the car and the fitment is spot on. “Project Civic” Parts listed below w/ option numbers Time to run through all of the parts I used to swap a OBDIIa B18C engine from an Acura Integra GSR [More]
CIVIC EG B18C6 1800cc / 236cv / 33°c. MOTEUR BILLVTEC pistons forgĂ©s haute compression / bielles forgĂ©es prĂ©paration culasse BILLVTEC guide bronze / sieges soupas cnc / soupape competition arbres a cames compĂ©tition collecteur admission prĂ©p s80 boite de vitesse 4 – 5th vti
Battle Ready B18C Civic aka Mike G’s Tank By Aaron Gaghagen Much like celebrity marriages, project cars seem to come and go with the seasons. They start out stock, get their own build thread, hit a couple of events and then get parted out to make room for the next one. Doesn’t anyone stay together anymore?!? Mike G’s fifth generation Civic not the typical project car. He’s owned this ridiculously clean 1992 hatchback since 2002 and had it appear in the pages of a bunch of magazines. He’s had various iterations of the car over the years and tons of [More]
Pulling B18C Motor Episode 6 – Project Ek Hatch Build Its time to pull the motor out of the integra and get it ready for the swap into the civic! Subscribe to Follow My Build! – Time to have a closer look at the 96 Acura Integra GSR organ donor car that will be stripped for parts to pay for the project along with having the heart and suspension transplanted onto the civic. Project Civic Build: Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: How To Compression Test: Welcome to Stauffer [More]
Today I teach you how to tell these two engines apart. Yes there are two variations if you didn’t know already. If I said anything wrong please feel free to correct me 🙂 *Correction P73 Intake Mani Will not fit on the Sir-G engine* Instagram: MiddletonFilms
A look at billy’s car on the dyno. B18C R engine with a Jackson Racing Supercharger
Watch the original version in higher quality with English subtitles here: miroshi’s Integra Type R #1920 homepage: JDM Honda Integra Type R DC2 VTEC tuned for track racing.
Civic EK- Stock K20z1 Header And Exhaust, Kpro Tuned, Street Tires Civic EG- Stock JDM 98 Spec ITR Engine Stock ECU Street Tires
test drive road “la plaine” n°2 civic ee9 SI-R / ef9 b18c6 integra type r motor 2.l 265hp at flywhel.stock itr gear box 4.785 with torsen 95 MM CRANK 82 CP PISTONS port and polish head (b18c5) by billvtec edelbrock Victor x intake manifold ferrea competition plus valvetrain bronze valve guide odb0 ecu with basic chip mugen style arp bolt tilton 2 disc flywheel clutch. chassis: toyo tyres 215/40/17 (for road) bc racing er coilovers fonction 7 rear lower control arms front and rear sway bars progress integra brakes sparco roll cage energy suspension kit and spherical bearing hasport axles [More]
Visit me at: Discussion about this video: B Series Timing Belt Video: Valve adjustment tool: Long feeler gauges: VTEC explanation video: I think this might just about complete my valve adjustment videos on Honda engines. There are only a couple more that I can think of that I haven’t covered like the Vigor 5 cylinder engine and the DOHC VTEC found in the NSX (that will be a fun one trust me) but that’s about it. As you can see in the video this valve adjustment requires a special tool. You don’t have to [More]