Quick first threw third gear…
Prelude Sh (slightly heavier) with Jdm h22a and bolt ons vs Prelude h22a4 with bolt ons. Like subscribe and share please. Also check out his YouTube channel for the races from his car. https://youtu.be/kRlWVNNdx7w
H22 CD5 Accord VS Civic Si Sedan with header and exhaust.
Finally The big power H22a turbo swap is underway and the 1jz got ripped apart to do some small mods. Subscribe for more quality content. Follow us below ! Snapchat: Mayhem.inc https://www.facebook.com/MayhemIncNZ https://www.instagram.com/mayhem_incorporation
cb3 Thailand H22A Manual เบนซิล95 ท่อเดิมๆโรงงาน กรองอากาศโรงงาน สับไม่ทันที่เกียร์1 กล่องตัดเลย
JDM H22A with bolt-ons,stock compression and cams
Stock motor with bolt ons and 3″ exhaust.
Stock H22a automatic 93 CB7 Accord
(1of8) Taking the head off a JDM H22a to replace the head gasket and bent valves in a civic hatchback.
Hey prelude fam! Haven’t posted an interior video in a long time. Last year Jonny and I took the prelude for a cruise. For anyone who is going to ask I run….. – custom made header (4-2-1) – 3 inch straight pipe (stainless steel, mandrel bent) – no resonators or cat – vibrant oval tip 3 inch muffler Car is a base model 1999 prelude with a JDM euroR swap tuned on Hondata. Notable mods are…. custom-made intake, stock internals, lightweight pulleys, 70 mm Skunk2 throttle body, Ksport coilovers, UltraRacing chassis brace and more… Drop a comment if you have [More]
Subscribe & help me reach 10,000 Subs – https://goo.gl/zX5JPM After a long hiatus, I want to announce that the Prelude is BACK! This video is a teaser video of what’s to come. I will be building my BB6 5th gen Honda Prelude into a race car!. Enjoy the H22A singing it’s VTEC song through the RSR Exhaust. List of Things I use often – https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-6ff4ea77 To send cool stuff – PO Box 40, Portland, PA 18351 For #GatoSquad stickers – Paypal me @ realflyingato@gmail.com ($2 for US, $3 for international) Email me at realflyingato@gmail.com Follow me on Instagram @FlyinGato Follow [More]
stock h22a with bolt ons gets dyno tuned