Finished up the car with new brake booster and DIY flared brake hard line. We checked all suspension nuts and bolts and rechecked everything in the engine bay before heading out. This is just a small little teaser video, filmed near the Pasadena Art Center/College in Los Angeles,CA.
HONDA H22A VTEC OH 本田技研工業 H22A VTECエンジンオーバーホール クローズドデッキ
Две хонды врываются в автоспорт… 402 метра, кольцо, итоги, последствия… Все персонажи вымышленны – совпадения случайны) Не забываем подписываться, каждый найдет, что-то интересное только тут Приятного просмотра! #JDMachines Наша группа в ВК: #Honda #VTEC #Dragrace
This is only the beginning! Getting the jdm H22a was a goal of mine and I achieved it. I plan on rebuilding this engine then turboing it down the road.
Honda Civic EG3 MODEL: Honda Civic EG3 College oryginalny kolor NH-538 Frost White ROK PRODUKCJI: 1995r SILNIK: seria D13B2 moc 75KM Obecnie: H22A JDM – wałki + sprężynki z H22A7 (Accord Type R) – koło zamachowe odelżone u Otoczaka UKŁAD DOLOTOWY: – kolektor custom: * rozwiercony pod przepustnicę * 2 przekładki * usunięte IAB * uszczelki teflonowe (termiczne) – przepustnica Holley 70mm – dolot Simota (parówa) – stożek Fujita UKŁAD WYDECHOWY: – kolektor wydechowy z wyjściem na 2,5cala – tłumik środkowy przelotowy – tłumik końcowy przelotowy oem look Proex – rury 2,5cala ELEKTRONIKA: – OBD1 – komputer P28 – strojenie [More]
Mular’s Garage Edition Help us caption & translate this video! Incoming search terms:reverse head on a h22A
This was my first time taking my car to the Famoso Drag strip in Bakersfield, California. I managed to run a 14.9 at 96 mph. Stock H22A 3″ AEM short ram hybrid intake 2.25″ crush bent exhaust 2.25″ vibrant streetpower muffler 195/50/15 street tires
Decided I needed to break the silence with the prelude. This is the 1st video of many prelude related videos to come! Just going over parts of my project very generally. I hope to make future uploads going into greater details and highlighting specific aspects and progress. I got a lot planned and I have so much to say about my build and others. Stay tuned for more lude vids! Leave questions in comments, I will try to answer them all. Save 15% OFF at ULTRA RACING PROMO CODE: ALLYBB6 **not limited to the prelude chassis** SUBSCRIBE! NEW UPLOADS [More]
This is a dynamometer sweep of a very interesting project: Sgt. Fitz’ reverse head, H22a powered Honda Odyssey mini van. With 52mm individual throttle bodies, coil on plug ignition, factory camshafts, stock bottom end, restrictive intake filters, Bisimoto camgears, custom header and an AEM EMS, this contrarian made 206bhp, with excellent driving characteristics. Partial throttle drivability is superb! Kudos to the builder for this unique setup, and for choosing Bisimoto for tuning services, soon to be featured in Honda Tuning magazine.
Went and got myself a spare h22a head. Port and polish the head and will be going on the crx not just sure when yet. Didn’t really show how to port or polish but there’s good videos out there on YouTube u can watch and learn. Doing this doesn’t mean I’ll gain any hp. I can actually loose power if 1 port is bigger the others. When it’s time to dyno will c if I’ll make or loose hp.
Quick first threw third gear…
Prelude Sh (slightly heavier) with Jdm h22a and bolt ons vs Prelude h22a4 with bolt ons. Like subscribe and share please. Also check out his YouTube channel for the races from his car.
H22 CD5 Accord VS Civic Si Sedan with header and exhaust.