Accord with H22A / ITB’S going nuts on Dyno… Presented by: (no longer active, only part of history.) and bad-ass shop in the t-dot region! Teddy-Bear Power Running THAT ! And a whole lot of VTEC! Thanks Bruno! =) (Original Text February 25, 2006) Owned by: MyCanadianAuto! – Friends: Club 5252 – New Automotive Classifieds Portal on the block, visit, established Ferbruary, 6, 2010. If you wish to sell your automotive merchandise in our Parts & Accessories section please contact me on YouTube, or using the contact form on the website. Please note that we’re [More]
The Accord is sitting low and rolling on a set of Work VS-XX wheels measuring 17×8-inch all around. They’re the perfect size to fill the fenders without looking tacky or out of place. Under the hood sits a JDM H22A VTEC engine – a hard-revving four that was never offered in a USDM Accord, but was quite potent in the Prelude of the same era. The transmission is an M2B4 5-speed with LSD. And as you can see, the engine bay has an attention to detail that’s so commonplace in West Coast Honda builds. The interior is equally clean, with [More]
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H22a5 Euro-R motor, skunk2 pro series built head with valves and retainers, and stage 2 skunk 2 tuning cams. bottom end with 12:1 compression JE pistons.
I’m in the white one has h22 vs Homies black gsr ek
My bro’s bone stock TSX 6spd VS JDM H22A swapped CD5 Accord with I/H/E tuned with valve timing off badly which is why it lags alot. I’m the Accord driver. 40roll in 2nd gear.
Stock H22A black top with basic bolt ons and stock ECU.
I have had this 3″ exhaust since my built and boosted H23A1 days. I have been considering replacing this with a smaller diameter exhaust since this is so loud even with a cat and resonator.
Here’s two CB7 with Euro R swaps that are daily drivers. Both of which were built by my friend who is the one talking. Just thought I’d share.
as you can see this is my lovely car I installed H22A lately and I got this motor from JDM Honda Prelude have you like it ^_^
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Turbo h22 hatchback vs ws6 Im on 6 psi of boost with a jdm h22a stock internals I ran 12.50 at 115 Ws6 ran 13.30 With headers, exhaust, and intake.