NA H22 with mild skunk 2 stg 1 (street camshafts) Great flowing head (2300cc) (Sleeves and overbore.) just finished, did the final touches and added a couple more HP to it. Going to spray the piping black wrinkle, and build the filter under the front bumper.
H22a Automatics have really long gears!!! Header,Intake, Stock catback
Model : CD6 -JPN Model- Type : SIR Engine : H22A Year : 1994 Mileage : 151,000km (93,847mile) Engine : Stock Exhaust : J’S RACING ECU : Stock + VTEC Controller (Hi-Cam point 5,300rpm) Incoming search terms:h22a top speed
My friend Tommy launched his Prelude at 3500 rpm.
Giving it a bit of a run. 94 Civic EG with a H22A swapped in from the Japanese Prelude Type S, completely bone stock internals, cold air intake, Hytech headers, 200 cell high flow metallic cat, full 2.5 inch exhaust with a Mugen muffler, tuned with a Hondata S100
-Engine setup: JDM H22A w/ T2T4 LSD Trans – Skunk2 Pro2 cams + Valvetrain – Pro series cam gears (-1*I , +3*E) – Roskoracing 68mm ported inlet Euro R IM – Skunk2 68mm TB – 3″ eBay intake piping – Hytech rep header w/ 2.5″ collector – 2.5″ exhaust piping w/ WS2 muffler – P28 Chipped ECU tuned on CROME (204whp/157wtq)
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First off. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. No copyright is intended. All Credits go to “Skrillex- First Of The Year (Equinox). The quality turned bad after uploading it 🙁 but anyways, I tried to be as specific as i can! I hope this video help out with people who wants to do a H series swap! I hope this gives you an idea of what you will be running into if you ever do it! But anyways, here are all of my setups! -JDM H22A engine with M2B4 LSD Transmission. -Innovative Motor Mounts for H/F Swap for 92-95 Civic [More]
pti vidéo dia longtemps du civic h22 pi du CrX type-r
My stander honda accord h22a vs bmw 320i this raca just for testing the BMW speed and accaleration
Honda Prelude bb3 Neues Setup: Motorswap auf H22a (jdm 200 ps) mit turbo gesleevt, gehont und auf 89mm gebohrt! K1 Schmiedepleuel Wiseco Kolben 9er Verdichtung Alle Lager/Lagerschalen/Dichtungen neu!! Skunk 2 Pro Series Ansaugbrücke Skunk 2 Pro Series Drosselklappe 70mm Skunk 2 Pro Series Turbo Rennnockenwellen AEM Einspritzanlage F1 Rennkupplung Invidia G200 Komplettanlage Turbosetup steht noch nicht ganz fest. Exterior: Nippontuning Breitbau Nippontuning Dachspoiler Civic Grill s14a Scheinwerfer vorne Honda Prelude bb6-9 Rücklichter (neuer Entschluss TRC Heckspoiler Interior: Recaro SPEED Halbschalensitze Schroth Gurte Roter Teppich kompletter Rückbank-HIFI Ausbau Fahrwerk: K-Sport Gewindefahrwerk K-Sport Bremsenkit VA 330mm K-Sport Bremsenkit HA 304 mm Chamberkits [More]
2014バージョンです。 94 accord h22a vtec turbo & nos 2.4L turbo by garrett gtx3576r, motec m4 adv,brian crower crank&con-rod,cp carrillo pistons
174whp and 145wtq …… 2.5 exhaust, custom 3″ intake, stock header, UNTUNE…….
Stock oem spec rebuild h22a, skunk2 intake manifold, kaizenspeed balance shaft delete, ks manual tensioner, arp headstuds, injector dynamics 1000cc injectors, precision wastegate, custom top mount manifold, custom 3″ downpipe from quality muffler and brakes in Olympia Washington, Greddy Evo exhaust, HKS bov, eBay IC piping, Stock F series trans, 12lb flywheel, competition stage 4 sprung clutch, Holset turbo off 5.9 dodge diesel cummins. Currently tuned on 4 lbs by James Kempf at Speedfactory Tuning and race fabrication in Tacoma WA. Car has came a long ways and isn’t even close to being done. First video with a bad alignment. [More]
2.2VTEC 220+hp vs. 4.6 260+hp 🙂 Trencin Power fest 2009 27.07.