Here’s two CB7 with Euro R swaps that are daily drivers. Both of which were built by my friend who is the one talking. Just thought I’d share.
as you can see this is my lovely car I installed H22A lately and I got this motor from JDM Honda Prelude have you like it ^_^
Turbo h22 hatchback vs ws6 Im on 6 psi of boost with a jdm h22a stock internals I ran 12.50 at 115 Ws6 ran 13.30 With headers, exhaust, and intake.
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Обожаю эту машинку. Хозяин просил осторожнее, ради всего святого. А ведь он не знал что одну такую я уже разложил. Тохо прости)) Но это ведь не повод отказать себе в удовольствии рассказать Вам про этот замечательный образчик японопрома Музыка: МиккиМаус – Накури Кота ( рю рю рю ) – ( prod. LAstick ) Zнакомые – Накури кота Вконтакте: Ochelog группа ВК:
First start after my engine swap from f22b2 to an H22a. 1994 accord. 1995 h22. No down pipe, radiator, belts, and throttle cables hook up.
Honda Prelude III Gen H22A 200hp+ – by Matt (0-100km/h – 230km/h + fun) – Gearbox U2Q7 – Clutch Exedy Stage1 – Catback Exhaust 2.5″ – “Vision”Air Intake conical filter – skunk2 intake manifold – 215/40R16 Toyo T1R MOST IMPORTANT THINGS: – It is the Prelude 2.0EX version which weights 1080kg stock!!! After the engine swap, gear box swap and the break swap it weights 1101kg !!!! – Fresh engine ! Only 70 000 km mileage/kilometerage!!! – Dont forget the U2Q7 which is the shortest gear box for H-Series!
love this car always beating the piss outa it aha thanks guys
civic ek hatch jdm h22a vs. 2jz toyota supra n/A
Acura integra swap h22a trany nnon lsd Vs integra gsr b18c Video filmer dans le h22a
Hello everyone !!! Today, i am very happy to present you a Honda Accord 1995 modified. It the JDM H22A inside which basically makes it an Honda Accord SiR 1995. In North America, we only had the F22B2 with 130hp and F22B1 , with 145hp because of the VTEC Head. With the H22A, we get around 200hp. So what else is so special? We have a very rare NSX Front Calipers conversion kit , Mugen headers , custom Apexi 2.5″ all the way from the cat to the back. Every anti-roll bar was purchased for the car. A custom roll-cage [More]