H22A MAHLE lowcomp piston HKS garrett GT3037proS ビビりリミッター付きw
b20vtec civic coupe vs h22a 181whp both i/h/e, this was done in a closed course, in Mexico…
This is it! After months of anticipation, all the minor & major details, all the missing parts finally in place, my 91 Honda Accord finally has its new JDM H23A engine in! Hope you enjoy and watch f
NA H22 with mild skunk 2 stg 1 (street camshafts) Great flowing head (2300cc) (Sleeves and overbore.) just finished, did the final touches and added a couple more HP to it. Going to spray the piping black wrinkle, and build the filter under the front bumper.
H22a Automatics have really long gears!!! Header,Intake, Stock catback
Model : CD6 -JPN Model- Type : SIR Engine : H22A Year : 1994 Mileage : 151,000km (93,847mile) Engine : Stock Exhaust : J’S RACING ECU : Stock + VTEC Controller (Hi-Cam point 5,300rpm)
My friend Tommy launched his Prelude at 3500 rpm.
Giving it a bit of a run. 94 Civic EG with a H22A swapped in from the Japanese Prelude Type S, completely bone stock internals, cold air intake, Hytech headers, 200 cell high flow metallic cat, full 2.5 inch exhaust with a Mugen muffler, tuned with a Hondata S100
-Engine setup: JDM H22A w/ T2T4 LSD Trans – Skunk2 Pro2 cams + Valvetrain – Pro series cam gears (-1*I , +3*E) – Roskoracing 68mm ported inlet Euro R IM – Skunk2 68mm TB – 3″ eBay intake piping – Hytech rep header w/ 2.5″ collector – 2.5″ exhaust piping w/ WS2 muffler – P28 Chipped ECU tuned on CROME (204whp/157wtq)
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First off. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. No copyright is intended. All Credits go to “Skrillex- First Of The Year (Equinox). The quality turned bad after uploading it 🙁 but anyways, I tried to be as specific as i can! I hope this video help out with people who wants to do a H series swap! I hope this gives you an idea of what you will be running into if you ever do it! But anyways, here are all of my setups! -JDM H22A engine with M2B4 LSD Transmission. -Innovative Motor Mounts for H/F Swap for 92-95 Civic [More]
pti vidéo dia longtemps du civic h22 pi du CrX type-r
My stander honda accord h22a vs bmw 320i this raca just for testing the BMW speed and accaleration
Honda Prelude bb3 Neues Setup: Motorswap auf H22a (jdm 200 ps) mit turbo gesleevt, gehont und auf 89mm gebohrt! K1 Schmiedepleuel Wiseco Kolben 9er Verdichtung Alle Lager/Lagerschalen/Dichtungen neu!! Skunk 2 Pro Series Ansaugbrücke Skunk 2 Pro Series Drosselklappe 70mm Skunk 2 Pro Series Turbo Rennnockenwellen AEM Einspritzanlage F1 Rennkupplung Invidia G200 Komplettanlage Turbosetup steht noch nicht ganz fest. Exterior: Nippontuning Breitbau Nippontuning Dachspoiler Civic Grill s14a Scheinwerfer vorne Honda Prelude bb6-9 Rücklichter (neuer Entschluss TRC Heckspoiler Interior: Recaro SPEED Halbschalensitze Schroth Gurte Roter Teppich kompletter Rückbank-HIFI Ausbau Fahrwerk: K-Sport Gewindefahrwerk K-Sport Bremsenkit VA 330mm K-Sport Bremsenkit HA 304 mm Chamberkits [More]
2014バージョンです。 94 accord h22a vtec turbo & nos 2.4L turbo by garrett gtx3576r, motec m4 adv,brian crower crank&con-rod,cp carrillo pistons