This is only a test! Lol! I wanted to give shout outs to ALL OF YOU who have watched this project take place and to everyone who has participated in its completion along the way! Thank you again, a
All motor built head stock bottom end h2b. Tuned on vp racing q16 at custom kings
Blake Henney and his turbo H22A swapped 1990 Honda Prelude will be competing in the Import Meet Street Car Competition in August 2014 in Seattle, WA. The IMSCC is a competition that will bring together some of the best street cars in the region to compete in 11 categories: drag racing, autocross, skidpad, 0-60-0, peak horsepower, power delivery, car show, build quality, fuel economy, retail price, and ride quality. Other 2014 IMSCC Competitors: 2002 BMW M3 Turbo: 2004 Subaru WRX STi: 1991 Nissan 300ZX (RB25 swapped): 2010 Nissan GT-R: 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo: Join the [More]
my accord being tuned @freed engineering by jason Hunt 402whp 269wtq @12psi 93 octane with a high flow cat that has since been replace with a test pipe— DAILY DRIVER 1990 Turbo Accord Coupe Engine – ERL Superdeck I Engine Block (Darton Ductile Iron Sleeves) – Carrillo Connecting Rods – Wiseco Pistons 8.8:1 – JDM Red Valve Cover – REV Valve Springs/ Retainer Kit – Standard Cylinder Head Job – OEM Honda Valve Seals – OEM Honda Engine Bearings (Full Set) – ARP Head Studs – Pro Drive Oil Pump Gears – Koyo Aluminum Radiator – Love Fab Ramhorn Exhaust [More]
Honda Civic Esprit EK9 vs H22A Honda Accord Euro R vs Amuse Honda S2000
H22A MAHLE lowcomp piston HKS garrett GT3037proS ビビりリミッター付きw
b20vtec civic coupe vs h22a 181whp both i/h/e, this was done in a closed course, in Mexico…
This is it! After months of anticipation, all the minor & major details, all the missing parts finally in place, my 91 Honda Accord finally has its new JDM H23A engine in! Hope you enjoy and watch f Incoming search terms:herdnss
NA H22 with mild skunk 2 stg 1 (street camshafts) Great flowing head (2300cc) (Sleeves and overbore.) just finished, did the final touches and added a couple more HP to it. Going to spray the piping black wrinkle, and build the filter under the front bumper.
H22a Automatics have really long gears!!! Header,Intake, Stock catback
Model : CD6 -JPN Model- Type : SIR Engine : H22A Year : 1994 Mileage : 151,000km (93,847mile) Engine : Stock Exhaust : J’S RACING ECU : Stock + VTEC Controller (Hi-Cam point 5,300rpm)
My friend Tommy launched his Prelude at 3500 rpm.
-Engine setup: JDM H22A w/ T2T4 LSD Trans – Skunk2 Pro2 cams + Valvetrain – Pro series cam gears (-1*I , +3*E) – Roskoracing 68mm ported inlet Euro R IM – Skunk2 68mm TB – 3″ eBay intake piping – Hytech rep header w/ 2.5″ collector – 2.5″ exhaust piping w/ WS2 muffler – P28 Chipped ECU tuned on CROME (204whp/157wtq)
Giving it a bit of a run. 94 Civic EG with a H22A swapped in from the Japanese Prelude Type S, completely bone stock internals, cold air intake, Hytech headers, 200 cell high flow metallic cat, full 2.5 inch exhaust with a Mugen muffler, tuned with a Hondata S100
1992 honda accord with h22a type s swap follow on twitter @boostedadversa follow on instagram @boostedadversary -owner follow on instagram @jrams_cb7h22
First off. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. No copyright is intended. All Credits go to “Skrillex- First Of The Year (Equinox). The quality turned bad after uploading it 🙁 but anyways, I tried to be as specific as i can! I hope this video help out with people who wants to do a H series swap! I hope this gives you an idea of what you will be running into if you ever do it! But anyways, here are all of my setups! -JDM H22A engine with M2B4 LSD Transmission. -Innovative Motor Mounts for H/F Swap for 92-95 Civic [More]