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Today we took a drive down to JDM of California…..And let me tell you the place is AWESOME!!! Check out their website! If you need anything shipped from japan (engine, transmission, bumper, hood, etc…) they can get it for you. Hop over to their website and check it out…..its pretty incredible what they have. Have any more questions? Give them a call! They ship items as well! Follow my Instagram: @dcourtt Follow my Twitter: @dannyacourtney
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Due to a big end rod bearing failure on the original engine. i have been building an Ej207 wrx sti Bugeye Subaru Turbo charged engine to blueprint spec with all new parts. Once we have run it in and fitted a larger turbo high horsepower will be achieved
At Rolin Automotive Imports we bench test all of our JDM imported engines. From 1JZGTTE & SR20DET engines to 1HDT Diesel Engines we have a wide range of engines to suit your Japanese Model Vehicle.
My first attempt at a JDM engine and transmission swap in a 98 Honda Accord EX 2.3L automatic. Thanks to JDM Engines in Memphis Tennessee for the engine and trasmission. As well as Autozone for all the related parts and accessories.
Hello and welcome to another video, today we are going to replace the 3 jdm motor on a 2002 wrx.
picked up an engine in a kei truck at JDM CITY the most jdm thing I’ve ever done. WANT A JDM ENGINE? follow me on instagram @tommyfyeah Incoming search terms:fallkcl
check out the new engine for the 240sx project made a trip to engine depot in nj remember to share the video and subscribe to the channel means allot glad to have new people on here. SUBSCRIBE COMMENT AND LIKE MY VIDEO THANK YOU CHECK OUT. MY INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK
Compilation of the Big Turbo Engines (1000HP + crazy turbos engine swaps) and exterme turbocharged JDM cars – Nissan GTR, Toyota Supra 2jzgte, Subaru STI, Lancer EVO, Honda CIVIC. 2step and antilag, Streetracing, Burnouts, rolling burnouts in clip. — 1000hp Honda Civic Turbo Track Beast Drag Racing 1000hp Civic Burnout Honda B18c Turbo 921 HP Tuning Eat Sleep Race 1000hp Sport FWD Civic 1000HP TOYOTA SUPRA TURBO 2JZ BURNOUT & DRAG RACE! 1600HP Toyota Supra 2Step Revs Acceleration Toyota Supra 1700hp BIG Single Turbo vs GTR r35 vs r1 vs r6(antilag, 2 step,Straight from [More]
A year after my video detailing the brokenness of my 2002 wrx, I finally worked up the courage (mostly funds) to start swapping the engine. This week: Prepping the engine to come out along with the plans for the new engine. It’s a lot of talking and that can get boring to some people but who cares. Get ready for some videos that aren’t filmed with an iPhone. Any questions about what I’m doing with my car will be answered as soon as possible in the comments below.
5 of the rarest and coolest engine swaps on JDM cars! 1. Subaru Impreza with BMW M5 v10 engine swap 2. Nissan 180SX(380SX) with GT-R R35 v6 twin turbo engine swap 3. Toyota Supra MarkIV with Toyota Legacy v12 twin turbo engine swap 4. Nissan 240Z with 4 Rotor engine swap 5. Toyota Gt86 with Ferrari 458 Italia v8 engine swap Check the New Supra Compilation here: You want to see MAZDA RX7 with 4 rotors?? Check this video:
Japanese engines are respected worldwide for their tunability but there are 10 marvels that are just so much better! Be it a RB26 or a SR20 all the way to a 13B Rotary, these engines are known to make much power easily! Subscribe for weekly uploads and press the Bell icon to get notified for future uploads! Follow me on Instagram : Facebook Page : Music : Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark, Ash O’Connor – Vibe, Levianth & Axol – Remember [NCS Releases] Contact Email : Music Link : Google+ : — Add Me [More]
Apart from a few finishing touches and non-engine underlying problems to be sorted out, the bulk of the project is over. Those are FX35 wheels, for those who will catch the subtle difference. If you would like to make a donation in support of the channel, here is a PayPal link: