This really sucks. The JDM engine I put in is a bad engine. Send stuff to : po box 751 Duncan SC 29334
Picked up this JDM EJ205 from JDM Of Philly for my auto x car. Things didn’t go as planned.
Angel and I pick up a new motor for the next build. Lets see what happens.
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Best JDM Sounding. Japanese turbo cars madness sound 2018
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First cold start after engine and transmission swap 98 Honda Accord, The engine fired right up, but is running fast at 1500 RPM. Tried turning the idle adjustment screw down, but that didn’t do anything. Only used the top half of the plenum from the original engine because it has three vacuum connections and the JDM one only had two. Not sure if I should have changed out the whole intake. It didn’t look any different except for the extra vacuum line on the plenum. Check engine light came on with code P0505 Idle Air Control Vale malfunction. Waiting for [More]
Example of engines sold at Kanaan Land International Trading Company LTD.
I have another VK45DE project in the works. I am going to replace my 06 M45 engine with an ex-Japan engine, I believe from the Nissan Cima. This time I received my JDM engine with a transmission. Although I don’t have a proper 03 M45 drivetrain with me, this combination could be a good one to show the differences between the vk45de engines and re5r05a trans. Is there anything in particular you would like to see?
SUBSCRIBE HERE! JDM Engine Pro Store: IG: EPISODE #44 We Start the ENGINE Components SWAP! This is JUST PT.4 on this HOW TO / DIY build series showing people how to do the swap! JDM EJ205 Is HERE! Its time to get ready for an engine swap in the WRX Bug Eyed Wagon! The Subaru WRX Impreza Wago! Is getting a new heart and its going to be amazing! BEST TOOLS EVER: Hose Clamp Tool (is a must): LONG Curved Needle Nose Pliers: Long Flex Head Ratchet: Mechanic Tool Set: We have a [More]
Let me bring you MORE! After about two months of work I startup my Gen4 3S-GTE Swapped 1998 Toyota RAV AWD 5Spd. Almost two years later I can say unequivocally, that this is one of the most amazing combinations of SUV/Engine power I’ve ever driven. Rav4 Life!
One thing not mentioned in my video is the fact that they did partially compensate me $200 for the turbo… A nice gesture but still, I have a $1000+ parts list to pay for and $200 isn’t gonna cover it.. For a $6000 purchase, I am not pleased with the condition of this motor especially since I bought the more expensive ej207 they had in stock at the time. I highly suggest not buying from this company considering the customer service and condition of the motor. Spend your money elsewhere!
Picked Up A 1998-2002 F23A JDM Engine for my 1996 Honda Accord To motor swap ! Enjoy SUBSCRIBE!