Installed low mileage JDM D17A Honda Civic (2001-2005) engine into car. After completing the swap, test run engine to find there is internal oil leak causing preformance issues right around 2k RPM. Still in process for diagnosis. Engine mileage is estimated between 35-65k miles. Engine was provided by JDM Engine Depot in NJ (201)955-9555
This is the finale for the JDM engine swap. We get the exhaust mounted, and take it for a test drive! Music, In order. Song: We Are One Artist: Vexento Link: Song: Adventures Artist: A Himitsu Link:
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Have you ever come across a JDM Importer and found that they state their engines to be under “x” amount of miles? Well they are lying to you… ___ There is no law in Japan that says that they have to get rid of their engines after “x’ amount of miles. ___ Even though I may have bashed Hmotors a bit for this…they are still the best company to buy from! ___ Instagram: Middletonfilms
Today we’re making a stop at jdmenginedeopt to pick up the engine for our civic project! OUR PROJECT CAR! JDM ENGINE DEPOT!
At WGHONDA pit stop…you can learn How we did Honda Engine swap and other modification ….Need More ? Please Visit us @
Welcome! to my first video/vlog on my channel. You can expect to see lots of awesome Car related conted, aswell as whatever else I enjoy. I just got my engine for my drift car build. Like Comment and SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more! I Do NOT own the rights to the songs used in this video!
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2003 Honda civic LX engine / motor replacement / swap 1.7 non-vtec to JDM 1.7l vtec. Took 20-30 hours to complete at a nice slow pace. Ecu is nonvtec, set up a momentary switch for the vtec solenoid.
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We imputed Japanese used engines directly from Japan to us (JDM) Test the Compressions and the cleaned. Ready to deliver or pick up on same day -Free deliver through Los Angeles county area.
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Time lapse of a JDM B20 engine being swapped to a JDM H22 engine with a B series LS transition using an H to B kit. The total build time was 5 days.