Basically purchased this 1990 Honda civic hatchback it worked well then all of a sudden the check engine light would come on loose power and get a 3 grand rev limit. Now its WORSE! The Check Engine light stays on and its has a 3 Grand Rev limit… I am just Learning Honda and really have no clue what to start with, So help me if you can please!
Kemal getting First Place while posting the fastest time of the weekend 1:15:7xx
3000gt VR4 JDM engine swap first test
Look this amazing footage tuned honda civic ek9 with a killer vtec sound
Honda Civic 2001-2005 JDM D17A 2269663 Compression Test JDM ENGINE PRO Compression test done cold and dry on cylinders
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Our driver 1 hand wonder did a really great job with the track that day, stay tuned for more upcoming videos of our races Incoming search terms:fartherqk3
Viaje a jdm engine depot parte 1. Un supermercado de partes para carros japoneses. Music used Rain-remzis
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Friend Brett’s 1991 Mazda B2600i 4×4 JDM Swap. First start-up after install. Radio Helped while Harley was @ Canadian Tire…
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