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(IF THE VIDEO SAYS CAN NOT WATCH) Go to the top left where the three bars are and click there, scroll to the bottom and click desktop. This was a great trip where I won my class which was European Stock Coupe/Mini/Roadster I do not own the music. I give all rights to the owner(s). No copyright infringement intended, just used for media purposes. This is a mix I found on youtube.
A close homie of mine went to Nopi at Sunshine Speedway and got a bunch of footage and wanted to try his hand at editing. For his first time, its really not that bad. Going to have to work on time management amongst other things but regardless some real quality stuff right here. Check out Thrustmasters full line up of current products and upcoming ones! Intro made by SPIRE TAPES All Diligence – CHiT0wN L1FE – The SLAP Train – Mentalist – Instagram Straight Flexin – Forza 4 Throwbacks – SUBSCRIBE!!! [More]
a little Go Pro action of Saturday at Nopi