This is just a lil video I took when NOPI was in town. Nice BMW (loud as hell too) Doing some pretty good drifting.
Nopi Top 8 Aaron losey LS13 hatch (gets a wall tap) Forrest Wang SR14 green machine.
NOPI DRIFT Round 5 warm ups in Carson, CA. 6/30/07.
Part 2 of nopi drift. Qualifier.
Video featuring Dan Willie and Tracy Shayhorn at the nopi drift world finals, 2007. filmed and edited by James LeGrand.
Some old footage from NOPI when they came to New England in 2006. Old school sony recording to mini tape, non hd. Leon, Kyle L, Kyle C, Greg B, Mike R, James…
via youtube Capture.
All the cars from the competition doing a little drift demo. JE drifting at Nopi Drift contest in St. Louis.
via youtube Capture.
Drifting after NOPI Qualifier. JE Import Performance at Nopi Drift contest #2 in Miami, Florida: parking lot Dolphin Stadium.
This car reaches speeds over 200mph and runs a 7.23 in the quarter mile at NOPI Nationals in Orlando, Florida.