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One of the biggest Slammed Society Meets yet.
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We host gta 5 car meets daily on xbox one. Come hangout, chill, be on youtube, and possibly join our crew! Message YT FoolHardy for invites. Send us a message saying you subbed for guaranteed spots in our meets!
Hey!!! guys flush nation here with another car video hope you enjoy like and sub!!!! sub to Slammed Society ——————- music 1.kevin flum the wake up 2.mike stud these days ——————- join the crew ( stancedDistrict ) first you have to tryout here ——————– sub to my fam channel he’s the leader of stanced district Incoming search terms:suppero2t
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Hosted by Manny Lowk #Slammedsociety Ps4 Check us out on facebook
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We are a car club or as we say family on GTA 5 Online. This family was founded through the group pages of Facebook. Alex Tran, founder and leader of PS4. Along side Domm Dumas, Daniel Joseph, Zacc Withem and the rest of the family. We host meets almost everyday on PS4. The tryout Facebook group is listed below. Also the Facebook group where all the greatness started. Our goal is to expand and get not only all car enthusiast but GTA players as well. Take a break from killing and being killed online! Come have a cruise with the [More]
A little video of our try outs for our GTA Car Club. We are gamers who are also Car Enthusiast.. We meet up daily online to show off our cars and cruise. We all came together from a group on Facebook called “GTA 5 Car Meets”. There was a crew for almost everything. So we decided, “why not make a car crew”. A very special few are brought into the crew. We are always welcomed to meeting new people! We not only host our own crew meets. We also hosts meets for everyone else to join as well! Enjoy the [More]