все любители низких авто тут 🙂
2014 scion frs on airlift performance, stancenation x aimgain body kit molded on to car, custom paint job from are shop no_end_customs. jongbloed racing wheels custom set built for the frs. sparco seats ,crow harnesses. hope you enjoy the video
1日目の退場シーンです。 撮影場所をミスった為、何台かは撮り逃してしまいました:(
☆チャンネル登録・高評価・拡散をよろしくお願いします☆ 2017 長崎 スタンスネイション のPVです。 長崎で行われたスタンスネイションのSSRユーザー様を特集しました動画です。 facebook: HP: twitter:
First time attending Stance Nation event. Not my best work but I hope you guys enjoy it. I’ll be posting more often soon If you guys liked that video please hit that like button SUBSCRIBE for more car videos and vlogs FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: @thatnarkoverthere Instagram: @moddesocietymedia Snapchat: @tomsahawk
2日目の退場シーンです。 各車両とも凄かったです(語彙力のNASA) 特にデコトラの退場シーンは圧巻でしたね:)
First time at stance nation was absolutely amazing, it’s shows like this that inspire me so much with cars and everything that i want to achieve. Follow me on instagram and snapchat @dissfoojosh Follow @JP_Zilla @Nino_EvoX
That one time when I infiltrated the Stancenation Anaheim 2017 event and posed as “Michael”, an official Stancenation car show judge…and it totally worked, well, sort of. I also might be totally trolling. The title of this Vlog also unintentionally rhymes. SUBSCRIBE BY CLICKING THE ICON IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER OF THE VIDEO!! *I am not a videographer and this wasn’t meant to be a visual masterpiece of any sort. I am merely capturing bits and pieces of my life for you guys to see… Some of the people that are in this video who have Instagram accounts: StickyDilJoe [More]
Last minute trip to California for the Stancenation So Cal show turned out to be a success! Great location and cars! Went to the beach and enjoyed the vibes for a little bit with some homies, hope you guys enjoy the beginning part! Drone footage by @mikeyduong06 on instagram! Songs: Show me – Odesza Leviathan – NIGHT GRIND
Headphones Preferred! I have to say, this has been extremely awesome to attend this event. A lot of phenomenal cars took place at the convention center and was well worth the trip!! I look forward to attending to this event again and hopefully the plan to return. I have not had the chance to stay there longer than I wanted but I have made the best of it. Thanks again stance nation for bringing us car groupies together to share this passion! Until next time! Skip over to 4:38 for the good stuff! I shared my morning experience before then [More]
Stancenation SoCal 2017 First time attending Stancenation! All I have to say is wow! Thank you Elvis for putting on a show we will all remember! Next show I’m going to is H20i. Thats right I said it. I will be making my first ever after movie for this event so stay tuned and enjoy the video! Like and subscribe for future content. Follow my Instagram @pyrexmedia Music Used: (please support the following artist’s)
Stancenation SoCal 2017 This was my first time attending a Stancenation event and it was great! I saw lot of familiar faces and it was also cool to meet some new people! I hope to attend more events in the upcoming months and make some more car features! This event was held at the Anaheim convention center Follow me on IG @AngeloFocuz Music Listed Below 1. 2. 3. 4.
stance nation 2017 in Nagasaki 2017/7/30 short movie 🙂 Genuine Japanese car. GEAR: DJI RONIN-MX SONY α6500 SIGMA 30mm F1.4 Twitter:
This is my first experience with Stancenation! I had to say, Elvis put on quite a show in Houston’s NRG stadium and I couldn’t be happier getting to see his car in person!! Let me know what you guys think…should I do more after movies (only took me 30+ editing hours!)????? Tag any featured cars or viewers! Like and share….Thanks for the support! Chick who Filmed and Edited: BeachBumMedia Instagram | Facebook | Website | ♫ Support ÆSTRAL ♫ ● Soundcloud: ● Twitter: ♫ Support Heal ♫ ● Soundcloud: ● Facebook: ♫ Support [More]
Stance Nation 大阪 2017にて撮影! NEWナットの俺たちナットも装着してます!
Stancenationの搬入動画です。 定番のホテル前段差ポイントです。