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スタンスネーションジャパン2017 in 大阪
スタンスネーション長崎2017 落ち着いたバージョンということで Music T-Mass & Jaxxtone – Gave To Me [NCS Release]
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On Sunday I took a trip out to Sasebo’s Huis Ten Bosch to take in a day of stance, and dance. Were cars slammed, with camber/fitment/offset/hellaflush, etc, on show? You betcha. The highlights for me, aside from the old-school JDM gems, were the Rocket Bunny kit fitted, FD3S RX7’s. They all looked a million bucks. WasabiCars stickers: FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Payment via Paypal. Go here: Become a PATREON: Home: Facebook: Instagram: Periscope: Snapchat: CarThrottle: Drive Tribe: T-shirts: Listen to & buy music from the WasabiCars channel: Music Credit: DB [More]
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Stance Nation Japan G Edition Nagasaki 2017 スタンスネーション長崎 Music Yellow Claw – Stax (TSIMZ Flip)
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Stance Nations first show in FLORIDA. It was a great time with friends and my main goal with this video was to just motivate some people as opposed to simply show off some nice builds. I didn’t sleep the previous day (secret 240 meet, video on page) so sorry about shakiness. stay tuned though! more videos! More car stuff! #MoreCarStuff subscribe for future videos : IG: MoreCarStuff —- ___________________________ Songs (in order): 1:27 Tokyo Drift – Teriyaki Boyz — 2:15 Asap Rocky Type Beat – Diablo — 3:40 | Matt Redd | .oneday (prod. Trey Flamez) — — 5:40 [More]
全体で、30分あったのかな? 手もちのカメラでは、最大23分あまりまでしか撮れないので (MP4・1080仕様) 中途半端には間違いありませーん
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