Tuner Evolution makes it’s way down to the worlds most famous beach, Daytona Beach, Florida! Held at the Ocean Center, the show brought out 300 of Florida’s top cars and made for a beautiful, fun weekend for everyone. Whether cruising on the strip, hitting the beach, enjoying the boardwalk, this will be the show you want to make sure you attend in 2017! I hope you guys enjoy this 16+ minute short film! Be sure to watch until the end for a special message from Big Mike, a legend in the Honda community. Keep updated on Tuner Evolution Events: http://tuner-evolution.com/ [More]
Clean Culture shut down a local drag strip for their season opener show in NJ about a month ago. The morning started out with a little bit of rain and a ton of overcast. The rest of the days vibes would follow suit. I’ve been shooting with clean culture and import expo for so long you can go back into my catalog of videos and find mostly their coverage. Its always a good time with the crew and always good to have a show close to home to see all my friends. I hope you guys enjoy this mellow edit [More]
Whilst filming for my cousins Kickstarter project out in Las Vegas, Nevada I met up with Shiro. I had followed Shiro for a while, not knowing that he lived in Vegas, I slid into his DM’s and we linked up for a shoot on one of the last days I was out there. Las vegas has some of the most wild sunsets I have ever seen, and I’ve been on a cross country road trip before. Driving through the mountains with snow on one side of the road but not the other and hanging out of the back of a [More]
While out in Seattle, WA last year for Stance Wars we spent the day with Reggie and Monique who came down from Canada land for the show. We took them aside and captured some awesome rolling footage along some back roads and then in a small alley way right after dinner minutes before Reggie and Monique had to get back to the border. It was a great time hanging out with them and since then their cars have completely changed. This video serves as a memory of them at their peak, as they put it, “the best of us.” Follow [More]
Check out my Stance Nation 2016 coverage from Fort Worth, Texas! Big thanks to David for letting me into the event early. Thank you everyone for watching my videos, it really means a lot. I hope you all enjoy the new video, be sure to leave a like if you want to see more content! Cameras used: – Canon EOS T3i – DJI Phantom 3 Standard Songs used: – San Holo – They Just Haven’t Seen It (feat. Nicholas) – Seven Lions – Falling Away (feat. Lights) (Said The Sky Remix)
I’ve been around working with the Clean Culture gang since day 1 when they started small meets in my home town. Since then they have grown at an alarming pace and spread out all over the U.S. Recently they flew me down to Florida to capture their Orlando banger at the Convention Center. I started the trip by planning out how I could show you all Florida’s landscape and establish that this wasn’t just another show near me. So I scouted out some locations that screamed down south such as tree’s draped in Spanish Moss and waterways that signify Florida. [More]
So as you may remember we left off with Mike and the Stance Wars team back in Seattle, Washington last year. While on my way home from a shoot in Daytona, Florida recently I got a call from Mike asking if I wanted to come out and film their Vegas show. We booked a flight while I was in the airport on that call. I flew into Vegas with a couple cars lined up to shoot that I arranged through Instagram with the help of California’s #TeamReckless. I owe a huge thank you to them as they all helped drive [More]
Stance Nation Japan (I DID NOT SHOOT THIS FOOTAGE, I ONLY USED THE IT AND EDITED MY VERSION. I DO NOT KNOW WHO THE ORIGINAL UPLOADER IS. I DID EDIT AND ADD MY OWN MUSIC TO THIS FOOTAGE) What did you guys think of this video? Did you like it, did you hate it, leave a rating to let me know or leave a comment telling me in more detail! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ► http://tinyurl.com/joenewfound Please make sure to leave a comment on the video also like this video and then subscribe to the channel as it really does help! [More]
Damien moved down from Alaska to Northern California and went back up to Seattle for Stance Wars were we were able to capture some footage of his car for a quick video feature. His Alaska plates definitely stick out. I wonder if there are any stanced cars up there… Follow me on IG: @Krispy Purchase Krispy Stickers here: http://ChrisPetruccio.com/shop Like my FB page: http://Facebook.com/ChrisPetruccioPhotography Stance Nation: http://StanceNation.com Music Used: https://www.google.com/search?q=instupendo+miles+to+go&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 https://soundcloud.com/instupendo
スタンスネーションでの車高めっちゃ低い奴らのENTRANCE VIDEOです。 Facebook: Street Kingz Films Youtube: Street Kingz Films Instagram:@StreetKingzFilms
The 3rd annual StanceNation Japan G Edition Tokyo event. Visit www.stancenation.com for more.
I’ve been attending Jay’s events for a while now and out of all the shows that take place his are some of the most well organized, promoted, and all around awesome events. There lengthy days, yes, but there’s usually always something going on. Tuner Evolution is coming up on their 10th year anniversary tour this 2016 so look out for some big moves from them. Follow me on IG: @Krispy Pick up Krispy Stickers here: http://chrispetruccio.com/shop Like my FB page: http://Facebook.com/ChrisPetruccioPhotography Music Used: https://soundcloud.com/ramzoid/villain-1 https://twitter.com/ramzoidmusic https://www.instagram.com/ramzoidmusic/
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First Class Fitment is often the favorite season ending show for the north east. Canibeat has been putting on this event for 5 or 6 years now and I am so happy to play my role in it again for the 3rd time. Usually taking place right after the hype of H2Oi dies down, everyone comes together at the Princeton Airport in NJ to enjoy a calm, chill, and laid back environment. There’s no crazy loud music blasting from random cars throughout the lot but instead the sounds of planes and helicopters taking off and landing in the background. The [More]