2018 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport – Redline: Review

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Like a fine wine, the latest C7 Corvette only seems to get better with age. With the latest addition, the 2018 Grand Sport promises to be the best handling model to date. Expect to see the halo ZR1 return to the lineup sometime next year and perhaps even see some exterior and interior tweaks before an all-new C8 is released.


force of will says:

No fucking kids would say that a pretty aggressive car! Gtfo here fag!!!

deztroyer76 says:

Stop saying honestly.

Warrior King says:

ALL HAIL MUSTANG! Check out the new Shelby GT350! Pure Awesomeness

Joe Guzman says:

I paid 11k in 79 for my new one today it's 60k for my new one

Joe Guzman says:

Im getting my second corvette ,my first one was in 79 and still have it drive it every day ,Gray color is best


good review

skirmich says:

If the suspension was softer this could be a very nice American GT Car…

bigdog8882 says:

Store your Drugs, LOL!

Peacekeeper Enforcer says:

Nice job, a very good review in depth.

Ray Houthuysen says:

Betting it has passive locking which needs owner programming. My 2016 Stingray 2 LT does.

Gabriel Flores says:

Correction: GS has Magnetic Ride standard, not part of the Zo7 package, that's a zo6 MRC tuning

Millionaire Mind Set says:

Lol real corvette owners know that a grand sport is a corvette z51 with zo6 fenders. Yep that is it. But, many will spend big money on the grand sport just like the last grandsport. Just my 0.02.

Isaiah Martinez says:

I would never get a convertible. But the only exception is the 2017 Audi R8. Thats the only car i would get as a convertible

Scott Crocker says:

Hide your drugs? This guy is hilarious!

john moore says:

Car is designed not to over rev , will cut out

SmithN' Wesson says:

3.7 seconds!!! Like a fucking ROCKET

Lone Wolf says:

My next car!

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