2019 Corvette Grand Sport Review | From a Stingray Owner…

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After owning a C7 Corvette Stingray and driving two different C7 Z06s, I’ve really wanted to try out the C7 Corvette Grand Sport to see how it compares. Bradshaw Chevrolet in Greer, SC hooked me up with this 2019 Watkins Glen Gray Corvette Grand Sport to review. Watch the full video for a comparison and final thoughts at the end!

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Artistry Artistry says:

Jesus that wheel gap is MASSIVE.

Edysin Simon says:

Man! If I were 26 years old today…Just switch the numbers around for my age….currently? I too feel the new Grand sports to be the Corvettes "goldilocks" model, just right!

Kelly Callahan says:

Really good review; thanks for doing this.
Only a couple of comments for consideration;
– when comparing ownership cost I think it’s great you covered tire cost because you are right, its a big deal. However, I would have touched on the difference of oil changes – comparing your base car to the dry sump.
– maybe you have already covered this (in a previous video – sorry if you have), but you mentioned the wider tires and the fact of how sticky they are, along with putting a film on the car. This was a completely new concept for me which I only accidentally discovered after buying my car. Adding the film is like so many other products – ranging from okay to excellent.
– lastly, changing from summer only tires to all season tires for us daily driver types was like getting a different car. All the great stuff is still there, but now its a lot smother and quieter. I’m not a track guy, even though they are high performance tires and I understand would do fine on the track, I’m loving my Michelin AS 3+ tires.
Again, only now discovering your video. I’ve now subscribed – keep up the great work!!! I’m also happy to hear that someone other than a middle aged white hair citizen with a little more disposable income drives one of these beauties. Not that there is anything wrong with that either 😉

Jeremy Mitzuk says:

Well done review except…I think you should incorporate some sounds of the car (exhaust) as part of your videos. JMO

the future says:

I'm torn between getting the Z06 and the GS. I love the thought of 650 hp at my beckon but also know that it is probably overkill since I most likely wont be tracking it and if I do it would only be maybe once every couple of yrs.

Motor Sportz says:

Unpopular Opinion – This thing is a TransAm…Bring on the C8 with round tail lights

TwinTurboLS9 says:

alignment setup is different from Z51. Toe in on Z51 is much less than grand sport. Destroy's those $$$ tires.

Robert Opsitos says:

I took delivery of my 2017 GS on sept 4th 2016. I buy them to drive them as I have 20,286 miles as of 6/7/18. GM set up the GS and Z06 for racing at the factory 2degree camber and 3degree camber which makes the tires wear fast on the inside of each tire. I don't track my car and after watching a video on a Z06 owner complaining about how his tire blew out because he was down to the steel on the inside of his tires at 9000 miles. That's when he found out about the 2 & 3 degree set up. Long story short, it's 10:30 at night and I know I have about 13,000 on my tires I go in the garage with a flash light and get down and I see nothing but white on the inside of each tire and just about ready to blow!! My bitch to GM and my dealer was if I'm NOT going to track the car set the camber to "0" so the tires last to about 25,000. My dealer gave me $950 towards a new set and Michelin gave me pro rated for the miles driven plus an additional 10% combined with the 950 paid for a new set. I have approx 8500 miles on the new set and everything is great tire wise, but I had a problem with the transmission when it shifted from 2nd to 3rd. Sometimes it would miss like if you had a manual and didn't get it in gear but hit the gas and the engine rev'd then caught. Had it to the dealer five times and they brought a tech in to " reboot" it and that didn't help and still does it so I sued GM and got 6 grand for my troubles, but I still have the problem. GM put a bulletin out to all the dealers about customers complaining about the slips in low speeds with the transmissions. Has anyone else experienced that problem with shifting? If so and it hasn't been fixed get a lemon law layer and sue. GM pays the lawyer and you get 6 to 8 grand tax free. And they still must try and fix the problem.

Paul Sparrow says:

Nice review. The Stingray is about 100 lbs lighter than the GS, with fewer ground effects, so may actually be a little quicker. Love the stance of the GS and Z06, but honestly, I don't think the average Joe on the street can tell the difference between those two and a C7 Stingray. Only C7 Stingray owners notice! (like me) Looking at your car next to the GS, it was difficult to see the difference. And those tires! $$$! Ouch!

TrumpWinsAgain says:

Nice video of the Car in the intro. RAWWRRR haha, I am a few months away from the exact same car!! The anxiety of it is rough lol

Legend Ronk says:

Wish my insurance was that cheap.. around $120/month

CorvetteHop says:

Nice job on the video.

Integrafreak1 says:

Anyone tgat wants to buy a c7 should have a marathon of your content!

Sally Snowball says:

Thank you for a helpful report on the Grand Sport. I'm thinking of trading in my 2015 C7 3LT for a Grand Sport (this was my first Corvette). The one thing I'd really appreciate from Corvette is for the driver seat to raise about 1 1/2" higher. I'm a petite woman and find that I need to use cushion in order to really feel like I'm in full command of my vehicle. Perhaps you know someone at Corvette and can put that bug in their ear.

Luis Cordova says:

This Corvette needs to be drop like yesterday!

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