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The new ZR1 is a crazy last-gasp of the front-engined Corvette, and we drove it hard on a favorite road.
This is one of 13 Corvettes we drove back to back for our feature film “American Original”. The film is a 104 minutes long and discuses the driving dynamics and story of the Corvette from a 1954 C1, to this C7, with many variations along the way.

This 2019 ZR1 is an extra bonus piece in the film, so we’re excited to share it with all of you.

The full film can be found here:

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MRTiGzoruA says:

great for taking a hard right turn into croweds lol shit car

Glenn-Erik Hernar says:

Yeah sure. American Corvettes is everything dialled up to the max. But imagine if they could make a good car too.

John Revard says:

love it!!!!!! I have a 04 vette and this car makes mine seem like I drive a golf cart

Nick Stewart says:

I love how every chevy fan was talking this car up saying it was going to destroy all the viper acr's track records. It's been out for long enough what's going on?

D. Alex Hutchinson says:

And so , the Corvette
Becomes a Viper.
A vetteviper or
A Vipervette.
What else could it be.
Its a Frankenstein car.
Thats what it i s.
Whats it been driven
To become.
So now what are we the enthusiast to do be laugh at it.
Why ???
Think about it ??
Because t here is nothig else left to do.
Frankenstein is here and we are waiting to
hear it sit up and say
Viper = Bad.
So turn on Elvira and
Watch t h e movie.
Youve seen it all before.
So sad and stupid.

ESFitnessSavage says:

Front end looks like 90's ricer Integra "Kombat" bodykits

matthew burgner says:

Ugly?! It's the only Corvette that I would ever consider owning. And I'm not exaggerating! I HATE the styling of every Corvette other than the last model (aside from the gaping catfish grill) and the 2019. The thing looks downright perfect!!

motox carbon says:

All of that and not one mention of the manual transmission?

Neckbonekat says:

You would think people would learn. They said the Corvette peaked at the last ZR1. They were wrong then. Eventually they'll be wrong about this one too.

JerseyMikeP says:

Corvette had to bolt the wing to the chassis as the "Plastic/Flimsy body" couldn't support it.

Scott Free says:

It looks amazing, I actually want a Vette now, never liked them b4

K H says:

If GM just had their QC together a lot of their performance cars would be an insane value.

Tyler Changoor says:

Hi my name is supra I have 1100hp

Kevin P says:

Is the mid engine corvette better than front? Why?

Charlie Moore says:


J Fab says:

Exotic on a corvette for custom plates? I see corvettes every day. Its not exotic. The ZR1 is "special" but hardly exotic !!

lanechange says:

At $150 grand, "this little piece over here" better not be moving!

John Gray says:

impressive appearance

kennapop3 says:

I would love an ugly car like this.

Bill Thompson says:

you guys don't seen to be having a hard time driving it at high speeds.  WONDER WHY?Forget those euro exotics     THIS IS THE BENCH MARK  PERIOD.

Jonny Sandtrap says:

Yea, nice. Now we begin to see the broken minded, kiddie video game playing, super hero action figure/movie enthusiast Millennials being given creative responsibility/authority & this is what is produced….a look-at-me-ima-ugly-POS-but-the-conditioned-will-buy-cause-look-@-me

Doods finally being allowed to go into womens bathrooms as a key social issue will be back in the mix just as soon as the "old people" that hold authority over such a psychotic idea being implemented, die


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